How to Disable superfetch?

  • it’s causing high CPU usage

  • Note: Superfetch service renamed to SysMain in build 1809

    Superfetch is a service that helps Windows to preload the frequently used programs in RAM to make it faster to switch between programs,

    Superfetch sometimes cause 100% CPU usage or disk usage on some device,
    First things you should do is restart your system and check again if superfetch still causing high CPU usage.
    if it does then follow the steps to disable superfetch on your windows pc

    • Open Services Window
    • open RUN by WIN+R
    • type services.msc
    • hit Enter

    open services.jpg

    Since superfetch is renamed to SysMain and I have updated version of Windows build 1903
    I will share the screenshot of disabling SysMain services but you should be looking for superfetch service.

    sysmain disable.jpg
    You can check your build version by typing winver in RUN prompt.

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