What is the size of Windows 10 files?

  • How big is windows 10? If I need to download it how much data it will consume?

  • Windows 10 ISO download size will depend upon what version you are downloading and when in future downloading,

    Right now May 2019 Update of Windows 10 Size is as follows
    Language English

    • 64 Bit 4.6 GB

    • 32 Bit 3.3 GB

    win 10 iso size.jpg
    You can Download Windows 10 ISO from Official Microsoft website from here

    Keep in mind

    • Option to Download ISO will only appear if you visit this URL on mobile or
    • On Windows PC use chrome browsers developer option device toggle toolbar feature by the following shortcut
      Press F12
      then Ctrl+Shift+M
      device toggle.jpg

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