How to Reduce the Size of a pdf?

  • Does anyone know to reduce the size of a pdf? if pdf only contains text not heavy images still the size is big?

  • Reducing the size of PDF is easy if PDF is text-based,
    by text-based I mean you can select the text in PDF file

    for this, you just need to use compress PDF service of many popular websites like

    If PDF is image-based where PDF is created by scanning the documents,

    then you can still try above-mentioned websites to compress the PDF,

    Since you are here asking the question here for reducing PDF size I am assuming you already tried the above methods already,

    In this case, there are few suggestions you can follow to reduce your PDF size,

    • While creating PDF try to scan the documents with a lower quality if possible with reduced colours,

    • Keep scanning DPI as low as possible while keeping documents legible,

    • If PDF is provided by third-party with large size,
      to reduce the size of PDF first try the PDF compress services,
      if it didn’t compressed the PDF to your desired level then try the following steps (only for image-based PDF)

    convert the PDF to JPG
    compress the JPG to as low as you can while keep them legible(your desired quality)
    create PDF from JPG again
    and now you will have compressed PDF.

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