How do I hide the System Reserved Partition?

  • I wan to hide 100MB System Reserved partition from on computer how I can do this,
    that drive always annoys because there is no actual use of that drive listing.

  • Hiding System Reserved Partition is very easy,

    Open start Search ‘Disk Management
    Select ‘Create and Format Hard Disk Partition

    In Next windows you will see all connected hard disks and partition details in which they are divided,
    Select the one you want to hide, in our case that’s system reserve partition,

    Right click on System Reserve partition and select option ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths

    remove drive letter.png

    After that new small window will pop up,
    hit remove and confirm.
    remove letter.png

    Know go back to My computer system reserve partition is now hidden,

    System only shows partitions which has a letter assigned.

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