Google Pay Collect Stamp Offer

  • Google Pay is running Diwali offer where you need to collect 5 Stamps to win Rs. 251
    and also get a chance to win Rs. 1 Lakh.


    You can collect stamps in multiple ways

    • Recharge/Send and Receive money
    • Scan a lighted Diya
      Most users get 4 Diya and 1 Jhumka by daily scanning


    • List item Gift 1 collected stamp to your friend to win 1 surprise stamp (per unique friend)

    Send Gift to get 1 Surprise Stamp (Only send gift to unique users) (Flower, Rangoli) (Rangoli) (Jhumka, Flower, Rangoli) ( Flower, Rangoli)

    Comment down your request link in above format so everybody will have someone unique to gift.

    You should gift your extra stamp to unique persons and add your request link so other also have chance to gift you too.

    I will definitely like to gift extra stamps to you, so do share your request links.

  • Finally, I got the rangoli Stamp.

    I did recharge for my friend and used Diwali scanner to scan a few rangoli images

    Here is proof:

    get rangoli stamp.jpg
    gift card received.jpg

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