How to Enable Clipboard History in Gboard - the Google Keyboard

  • In the recent update, Google has enabled the clipboard feature for Gboard- the Google Keyboard and you don’t need to install any third-party app like Native Clipboard which is most used app for clipboard and has features like root integration, gesture to trigger app and more.

    Update Your Gboard app to the latest version you can see in the what’s new notes it’s written “Clipboard(beta): Quick Access to your favourite snippets”
    Follow the below steps to enable the clipboard in Google Keyboard or Gboard
    Download: Gboard for Android

    Open the app and follow the below instruction to enable the clipboard feature:

    Gboard with Clipboard.jpg

    After doing the above steps you can see clipboard is enabled:

    enable clipboard in gboard.png

    Some useful features of clipboard right now:

    • Long Press on text to copy, pin or delete
    • Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hour
    • Pin the clips if it’s important
    • Use the edit icon at the top right corner to perform bulk option for pin the clip or delete

    While Clipboard feature is in beta so you can expect more features to come soon.

    What’s your view on the feature? Which app you were using before that I was personally using Native Clipboard it works perfectly.

    If you aren’t using Gboard- the Google Keyboard then you can use Native Clipboard for Android

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