How to Solve Unparsable Structured Data Report Errors

  • The recent update in search console has started showing some additional reports like

    • Logs
    • Sitelink Search Box
    • Unparsable structured data

    structured data.JPG

    You might be facing a lot of error in unparsable structure data report which is the case with a lot of people

    You need to first read this article:

    After reading this article you will understand exactly what is the problem then you can also check out this:

    article  structured data.JPG

    In the right sidebar, there are 28 types of structured data for which you can check out their sample and match with your current structured data.

    For debugging the changes copy the structured data part in this tool:

    Google structured data testing tool.JPG

    then start making changes and see if the error goes away then implement those changes to your website.

    For Wordpress site owners you need to wait for the update of SEO plugins which you might be using it will fix most of the problems.

    How many of you are facing the same issue?

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