How to Remove Password from PDF File?

  • When you have PDF and password of that PDF but want to remove password from that PDF file before sharing then how to remove password from pdf file?

    Mostly this is required when we generate or download pdf from bank, mutual fund investment statements, ITR Acknowledgements and e-Adhaar. So before sharing those files we need to remove passwords to make it easy for everyone.

  • Only applicable if you know the password and want to remove password because entering password, again and again, is tiring.

    Also, passwords are put for a reason to safeguard the file so always removing the password is not good options multiple times keeping the password will be better but not always

    If you don’t the password then you are left with brute force method where it might take too much of time if the password is a general word and if it’s alphanumeric with a symbol then not worth doing.

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