Best Windows Utilities You Should Start Using 

There are tons of windows utilities over the internet but these are some of the most useful for almost anyone. 



Work More, Save Your Eyes

Right now you must be reading this article on a digital device either on a computer or mobile phone.  The actual problem we all use digital device too much in day to day usage that are damaging our eyes.



Lightweight Remove desktop utility.

Next time when your friend calls you for some issue with his/her computer you just need this to get the work done. This 800KB software can do wonders.


Wox Launcher

Lightweight Remove desktop utility.

Wox Launcher is a spotlight for Windows PC or laptop



Open Everythign Fasttt

Open any type of file faster than you have done till now. Preview files like PSD, SVG just like a normal image it's that fast



Productivity Booster

Next time when you need to write that big sentence or text  Just write the combo word and it will be substituted with the text you defined. Best for writing same repeated text everyday.