Top 10 Best Windows Utilities You Should Start Using

In this post, we have covered some of the most useful and best windows utilities which you should start using as per your daily environment and usage.

There are tons of windows utilities over the internet but these are some of the most useful for almost anyone. We have tested all of the software on windows 10 but all of the utilities will work fine on other versions too.


F.lux – Work More, Save Your Eyes

flux option selection

Right now you must be reading this article on a digital device either on a computer or mobile phone. The actual problem we all use digital device too much in day to day usage that are damaging our eyes.

You can read this Research Report published by Harvard Medical SchoolBlue light has a dark side to know more about how much it can cause damage to your eyes every single day.

Windows 10 Now have inbuilt Night mode but F.lux is a lot better.

You can turn it on set colour temperature or use recommended colour it will shift colour through the day automatically but in case of inbuilt Windows 10 option is just toggle to turn on/off not automatically adjusting throughout the day accordingly.

Advance Features:

  • Adjust Lighting Based on your location
  • Disable while using a certain application like some photo editing or while watching something without turning it off.
  • Colour Range From 1200K to 9300K
  • Quick Options for Effects and Lights to adjust the light
  • Color Adjust as per your wake up time defined by You
  • Connect to Philips Hue Lights



ammyy admin options

Next time when your friend calls you for some issue with his/her computer you just need this to get the work done.

This 800KB software can do wonders.

You must have used or at least heard of TeamViewer, a software for sharing the screen for getting assistance. TeamViewer might have a lot of things and compatibility and support but…

Ammyadmin does one thing sharing in just one click lightweight and faster than anything else.

It’s so lightweight that you don’t need to download a heavy file and install to start sharing.
Just download when you need to start sharing your screen or share your screen for getting assistance from someone else
It’s up to you to grant access for View Only or let other people Control

The best part is that it works on even slower connection considerably quite well and manageable.

If you are still not convinced you should read best remote desktop softwares where we have covered all the remote desktop software available and most of them are free.


Wox Launcher

wox checking weather

wox run cmd commands wox manage easy

This one is super helpful if you just set up and use it once or twice.

If you have used any MacBook or used MacOS, there is a feature called spotlight: which lets you search quickly anything inside the computer and perform some extra actions without even taking multiple steps.

Wox Launcher is a spotlight for Windows PC or laptop

What makes more powerful is plugins support, which extends the usage and the customization you can make it look exactly like MacOS spotlight or as per your liking.

Some of the most useful ones you should definitely install are Everything, which can search your entire computer or selected areas of the hard disk, Shell Commands, Weather, Google Search, Calculator on the go.

You will definitely like this, a must try out.

An alternative to Wox Launcher is Ueli

If you find yourself enjoying writing simple commands to perform tasks you should read Most Useful CMD Commands For Windows Users where we covered cmd commands which are useful for everyone.



quicklook preview js css html

Preview CSS, JS and HTML

From the day I discovered this tool or utility, things have become faster while browsing a different kind of files.

Just imagine you have tons of PSD files and you need to check the preview, you will double click and photoshop will open with all layers and view and you need to do it again and again whenever you need to do.

quick look preview zip files content

Preview Zip

Now imagine this browse your files normally you do and when you need to check the file just click spacebar, get instant preview no matter kind of file is this, even PSD files without even loading up complete Photoshop software.

It’s just so fast!!

If you need to open a lot of photos read 10 Best Photo Viewer For Windows.



networks tools and features

It’s quite super useful if you are on a limited data connection or just want to check your current internet speed which most of us want to do.
Full control about how it looks and what info it will show on the screen.

I’ve been using this for many years, I even don’t know. It just feels so simple and useful.

It’s been quite accurate for me but there is some issue like some traffic can go untracked when it’s going through local LAN traffic likely there is an option for it whether you want to ignore or count LAN traffic.

You can also check application-wise data usage, hourly data usage and all days history.



lightshot screenshot taking options

As per their website “The fastest way to take a customizable screenshot”

Before I say anything you would be thinking I have Snipping Tool inbuilt in Windows, it’s fast, simple and works.
Yes, snipping tool is everything you need for a basic screenshot.

When you are taking a screenshot too frequently and share a screenshot with different people that’s where this utility comes in.

You can take a screenshot just like every other screenshot utility by exact size, doodle something and save.

But in Lightshot you can:

  • Even after selecting an area for screenshot you can resize it live to adjust and take screenshot more accurate without clicking new which you need to do in Snipping tool
  • Share URL of the screenshot uploaded to their server in one click,
  • Search similar images on google by selecting an area of the display just you take the screenshot, add text on the image
  • Save in JPEG, PNG, BMP with the quality you want
  • Activate with any key you want, setup shortcut as per your likings

Screenshot which you are seeing in this post have been taken using Lightshot.

The next best alternative to lightshot would be Greenshot.



dropbox desktop synced folder

My guess you love using Google Drive and probably have tons of files there.
It’s not about switching to Dropbox because you only get 2GB storage here vs 15GB in Google Drive.

But, here is how you can make use of Dropbox on Windows

Install the desktop application and login/signup.

Open Preference of Dropbox app, under Import Tab, tick the Share Screenshot Using Dropbox

Now just press Print Screen to take a screenshot and save automatically to Dropbox so it’s up in the cloud for access from anywhere.
Otherwise, You would be doing Windows Key+Print Screen and it gets saved in the Pictures folder now you need to locate and upload for sharing.

Also when you save some documents file in the Dropbox folder and edit just like you edit from your local hard drive it will maintain the version for you. So cool isn’t?

More Features:
LAN Sync
Auto Upload specific Folder for backup
Limit Bandwidth if you are on a limited connection

If you ever need to send huge size file you should read: How to Send Large Videos Files Free


Remote Mouse

remote mouse app settings

It’s like your smartphone touchscreen becomes a touchpad or wireless mouse for your windows pc or laptop.
You can completely use your windows machine from your mobile phone.

Just make sure you are on the same network in LAN, so that things work smoothly.

There are tons of alternative for this out there if you have been using something do let us know.
This one I have tested and works every time completely fine.



everything utility options

As the name says it will search everything you type inside your selected location.
It works faster than normal windows explorer search bar most of the time for a large folder.

Searching is based on indexing files and that quickly showing what you just typed instantly.

everything utility search options

When you have too many projects across different hard disks and local disks and you need to search for specific files, everything becomes quite simple with everything.



rainmeter website page

The ultimate utility for making your windows pc look so cool, not just cool functional and useful at the same time.

What you need to do is, download rainmeter and apply different skins to show different desktop widget and utilities.
The best part is you can share your skin as a file to anyone and your friends can have exact same settings easily.
Here is how your windows home screen can look after applying few skins but not limited to just these, It’s up to you what makes your desktop screen more useful for your environment.



Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Every latest smartphone out there now has a fingerprint reader but your PC doesn’t, why not use your smartphones fingerprint reader for your computer to open lock screen without entering password.

If you want it then here is an app for this,

Before we begin to go ahead and download the app on your android and on a windows computer

Remote Fingerprint Unlock
Remote Fingerprint Unlock
Developer: Rusu Andrei
Price: Free+

For computer remote fingerprint unlock for desktop

After that open command prompt using WIN + R input text cmd  then press enter then in command prompt enter ipconfig you will something like this (this is only requred if android app not finds computer in auto scan)

check your pc ip4 address
After that make sure your mobile and computer is on the same network otherwise this setup won’t work,

Go to your lock screen of the computer by pressing WIN + L

now open android app and add your computer by scanning

or by entering IP address of the computer

remote fingerprint unlock add user and verify session id

then add user account on that computer with correct user name and password.

Unlock Windows with Fingerprint Scanner

If everything you did right then you can go to unlock the screen of the app and use your fingerprint to unlock your PC. ?



You can use your mobile phone somewhat as a second monitor where you can drag and drop links using your keyboard and mouse,
clipboard is shared so you can copy on mobile and paste on the desktop without root.

For this app to work you need to download DeskDocks server on desktop from their website linked below
DeskDock for PC

DeskDock Free
DeskDock Free
Price: Free

DeskDock PRO
DeskDock PRO
Price: $5.49

Keep in mind some of the features are only available in pro version.


Extra efforts needed to make it work

Connect the phone to a computer using USB and enable USB debugging in developer setting

make sure your USB drivers are updated otherwise this setup may not work for you.

Run DeskDock server on the computer and open app and follow on-screen instruction, after that you can use your mouse and keyboard on both devices.



Use your mobile phone as a remote speaker for your computer.

You can use it if your laptop’s speaker is not working or speaker of your mobile phone performs better than your old laptop

or maybe you want to play something on PC and use your mobile phone(hook your headphones) to listen to songs while you walk around your house without disturbing anyone else.

You can even use this in a situation when some software only plays content on the desktop but you want to listen it using your phone, you can use SoundWire in that situation,

Reasons are endless why use mobile phones speaker as a remote speaker for your windows laptop, PC, Linux or even raspberry pi.

Stream Audio from windows to your smartphone - soundwire


For PC SoundWire PC

SoundWire (free)
SoundWire (free)
Developer: GeorgieLabs
Price: Free
Developer: GeorgieLabs
Price: $3.99

Wo Mic

If you want to use your phone’s microphone as a microphone for your computer to record something.

Wondering why it’s useful?

  • Your phone’s microphone would be much better than the default microphone of a laptop
  • For Desktop users you don’t need to buy a microphone
  • Your smartphone’s microphone will be having extra noise cancellation, ambient noise cancellation

use phones mic for pc using wo mic

Wo Mic is a simple and small utility that makes it possible for you just download it for pc from here Wo Mic PC

Make sure to download wo mic client for pc and driver both for your system.

WO Mic Client

WO Mic
WO Mic
Developer: Wolicheng Tech
Price: Free+

Make sure your access to your microphone is enabled under settings as shown below for Windows 10

microphone privacy settings




It actually boosts productivity in your daily routine tasks.

What you need to do is define some text which you keep writing everywhere than define a short word or combo for it.

Next time when you need to write that big sentence or text just write the combo word and it will be substituted with the text you defined.

Take this example:

You need to reply an email you can just write “basicemail” and it will get replaced with what you write under snippets section.

beeftext demo

If copy/paste works in whatever application you are using it will work there.

Some Use Cases:

  • Write down your favourite phrases which you use quite often online
  • Different signatures for different emails
  • Shortcodes for different types of email response for different occasions
  • If you keep writing any word wrong just add them up and you don’t need to worry about the spelling mistake
  • You can even create a complete shorthand method for different words and combos
  • Social Media People can create some standard replies which you most often
  • Add your most used hashtags for social media and reuse on any service where you schedule posts

There can way more use cases depending upon how much you write every day.

These were the best windows utilities we have discovered over the long period of time after using for quite some time.
These tools will surely make your usage for windows machine more powerful in a day to day usage.

While there are many utilities we have tested and found but most of them we didn’t use and uninstalled reasons being at first glance brand new software looks cool but when you go back to your daily work routine those tools don’t fit very well.

We want to hear from you which tools other then listed above you use daily? We are always looking for sharing more.

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