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Catchy Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator

Easy to use, type your query and get really good suggestions. By reading the few names you might get more ideas and keep collecting and trying different versions.


Works quite similar to Shophify business name generator but suggestions on words are different that means you can get more ideas containing the words you type or match.


Get name suggestions by adding adjectives, nouns, adverbs before or end of the word you type. This tool can generate some really creative ideas then other tools.


Related Words

This website is different then other in the list. You get more related words not domain name or availability anything. It’s more of a way to get name ideas which means same and can’t be easily thought by anyone.

Rhyme Zone

Want to make your domain name easy to remember add some rhyming words by generating similar rhyming words or you can get some new ideas for domain name.


Here you get made up names with more options likes 5 languages, word length from 5 to 15 characters, pattern of word ending, beginning or containing and in one click to check the availability of domain name on GoDaddy.

Domain Hole

Type in the word and you get suggestion like top level domains availability, variations in word, expired domains that are now available, name spin, similar words and domain hack. Also there are 5 more tools apart from this one do check them out.


You can get some really creative and unique domain name suggestions with options like negative keyword, shorter name, domain extension and availability. Suggested words are completely different then other websites in a very good user interface.


Here you need to enter multiple words in the beginning and ending box to get combination of words and they will automatically check if that domain is already taken or not. You can keep adding the available ones in scratch box to keep the variation of words going.


Keep adding words you really like which you can find from above related words websites. It will keep generating available domains and you have option to keep filtering for review. You can also add words in certain groups to get suggestions accordingly.

Still Confused?

At the first any domain you will buy not give you instant good feeling but later on when you work and develop your website things start making sense as you align everything, create brand identity. So don’t feel bad at starting that your domain name doesn’t feels cool like other, you have to work on it.

Domain Name Registrar

Google Domains

Our bought our domain name from Google Domain because of simple and clutter free environment and they don’t try to sell anything else like GoDaddy does plus free privacy. Best part flat simple price no need to worry about price getting change after 1 or 2 year.

Cloudflare Registrar

You can transfer your domain name over there they don’t charge any extra fee just the compulsory ones. Auto renewal option is super helpful. You also get easy integrations with Cloudflare CDN.


Quite popular for straight forward per year pricing no extra services selling. You also get free whois privacy to hide your personal information. If you have generated multiple domain name from above tools you can do bulk search here upto 50 names.


Probably most popular domain registrar because of cheap domain prices but make sure you check what are the prices from after 1 or 2 year. AT the checkout remove unnecessary services which you can setup and install without any fee.


Huge amount of domain extensions available more than 700+ to get really creative with your domain name and chances are you will easily get any domain name. Pricing is also lower and simple. There philosophy is no bullshit which is quite true you will see why.

Save Money, Invest in Hosting

If you are getting very cheap prices make sure to check what will be the price after 1st year. Remove unnecessary offers and services they try to sell most of them you can get separately without any cost like Email address, SSL etc.

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