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The Tech Basket is focused on bringing the best tech tips & tricks.

We as a team think about how we can effectively use tech we have in our day to day life and share our experience with everyone so they can be benefited at the same time from your response we too.

Projects of The Tech Basket

We believe in helping others, sharing knowledge we gained in our day to day experience with others so they make the right choice and we learn from others how we can improve. That’s why we work on some side projects we think will be helpful for you in some way.


Stack – Collection of Best tools to get started any project.

It’s a curated list of tools that will make your working experience more productive. It contains 200+ tools spread across multiple categories.

We are still adding tools in multiple categories, so if you use some awesome product or service that makes your life easier you can share with us, if it fells in any category we will definitely add it to our list.




Stack - A curated list of all the tools you need to get work done | Product Hunt Embed


Apps Made By us


Splash It - 4K, HD, AMOLED
Splash It - 4K, HD, AMOLED
Splash It Pro - Wallpapers
Splash It Pro - Wallpapers
Blob is Back - WAStickerApps
Blob is Back - WAStickerApps
UP Police Salary Slip(PaySlip)
UP Police Salary Slip(PaySlip)
Developer: The Tech Basket
Price: To be announced

Meet The Tech Basket Team

We have a very small team that take cares of everything about this website.

Sumit Kumar Yadav

Amit Yadav

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