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  • android game booster apps
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    Best Game Booster for Android

    Every year new flagship and mid-range phones are launched with the latest technology, they have the latest processor, gorgeous display, and upgraded hardware. Game developers also started making heavy resources demanding games like Pubg mobile, Injustice, and many more to give you an awesome breathtaking game. If you are fed up with the sluggish performance […] More

  • best android emulators
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    Best Android Emulators for Windows

    Running Android on Windows has been made possible through emulation software which provides the functionality to run some certain version of Android in an isolated container. By using an android emulator you can experience all features of an android device like installing apps, using customization features, browse the internet, Google Play store, and much more. […] More

  • Google Road Mapper

    Google Road Mapper [Early Access]

    Google is giving access to Google Road Mapper access to selected users as early access, normally only users are invited to use this Road Mapper who have previously contributed or added roads using Google Maps Contribution options. This Road Mapper will help Google to Map roads of world where millions of roads are currently not […] More

  • best wallpaper app for andorid
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    9 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020

    We use our Android phone every day, open lock screen to just check the time. Try to customize every bit of home screen, app launcher, icons so it feels unique to you. That would be a shame if we did not choose an awesome wallpaper for our android phone that suits you. Here in this […] More

  • handwriting to font
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    Turn Your Handwriting into Font | Step by Step Guide

    Have you ever thought you can turn your handwriting into font, you can then use that font on your Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheet, system font, every place which supports installing the custom font. Isn’t it cool you have your own handwriting as font or you can say you have a unique font that no one […] More

  • reset laptop laptop

    How to Factory Reset Your Windows Laptop

    There are various reasons why you might want to factory reset your Windows laptop. Doing this can allow you to troubleshoot your computer, get rid of malware, or even improve the laptop’s performance, either for yourself or for a new user. You don’t need to call tech support to factory reset your laptop, especially if […] More

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