How to Unblock SMART DNS on Samsung TV?

Are you also unable to stream your favourite Netflix series in your country? This is a widespread problem faced by a large number of people. Some regions don’t have access to the shows of other areas.  There are different regions, including the USA and the UK region.

The standard solution to this problem is to use a VPN on your mobile and laptop. It works, but what if you want to take it to the next level? What if you want the liberty of watching your favourite shows on your big Samsung LED TV?

You can do so by unblocking Smart DNS on your Samsung TV. Let us look at how you can do it.

Why do You Need to Unblock Smart DNS on Samsung TV

Mostly, people get it wrong. There are different pieces of advice all over the internet regarding how you can unblock Smart DNS on Samsung TVs. We have tried and tested information regarding how to unblock Smart DNS on Samsung TVs.

If you don’t know how you can unblock Smart DNS on your Samsung TV, this article is absolutely perfect for you. Today, we will teach you how you can unblock Smart DNS on your Samsung TV to enjoy streaming platforms from all over the world.


You may want to unblock Smart DNS to watch your favourite shows from all over the world. As you know, every region has region-specific shows. For example, if you use Netflix in the USA, you cannot access Netflix shows in the UK if you don’t unblock the Smart DNS.

What is Smart DNS

SmartDNS is like a VPN for smart TV. When you play with the settings of the DNS manually, you can make your DNS request in the region you want. Simply put, using a SmartDNS allows you to stream BBC iPlayer outside of the UK.

How can you stream and watch international shows on your Samsung TV? Let’s get into it!

Stream TV Shows from All Over the World

You may want to stream your favourite shows from some other region. People usually love the shows of other regions and want to access them easily. The Smart DNS won’t allow you to do that on your Samsung TV, so you need to unblock it.

Once you unblock your Smart DNS, you can freely access content from all the regions without interference.


Here is a detailed explanation of how you can unblock Smart DNS on Samsung TV:

The first step toward streaming your favourite shows on your Samsung TV is to purchase a DNS subscription. You can easily buy a SmartDNS service and use the TV remote to enter the details manually. Once you have done this, you can unblock SmartDNS using the steps listed below:

  • Identify your SmartDNS address. You can do so by logging in to the website of your VPN service provider. The SmartDNS address is in the form of numbers like (873.45.3.53). Make sure to write it down to remember it. You will need it later.
  • On your Samsung TV, go to “Network Status” in the network settings. Click on “Network Status.”
  • An automatic check will start. Wait for it to end.
  • Click on the “IP Settings.”
  • Choose “DNS setting” and select “Enter Manually.”
  • Enter the manual SmartDNS address you saw on your VPN provider’s website.

Bingo! Now you can successfully watch your favourite TV series from other countries. Contact your VPN service provider for additional details. SmartDNS will not unblock every single country in the world. It will only unblock the regions that your VPN offers.

The general countries are the USA, Germany, the UK, and other places.

Make sure your VPN has Germany on its list if you want to stream German shows.

Are you also tired of the regional restrictions? Can’t watch your favourite UK show while living in Asia? Don’t worry, I have the perfect solution for you. You can stream shows for all countries using the method that we discussed above.

Many people try to fix their routers by installing VPNs on them. We don’t recommend it. It is not necessary. Your Samsung TV will allow you to stream shows from all over the world if you simply unblock the Smart DNS on it. We have taught you how to do it.

It is a simple and easy method to watch whatever you want.

With our guide, you can easily stream shows for all countries from other regions using SmartDNS. Now you can watch your favourite shows without being blocked on your Samsung TV. We have discussed how you can set up VPNs and different service providers. All of them are among the top die with various stand-out features. Make sure to check them out before buying a new service. Happy streaming!

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