Best Roblox Decal IDs

Are you tired of the same old look in your Roblox games? Ready to give your avatar, items, and game environments a unique and personal touch? Explore the world of Roblox decals and unveil some of the Best Roblox Decal IDs that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Roblox decals are a fantastic way to customize your virtual world, express your creativity, and make your mark on the Roblox community. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your avatar’s appearance, decorate your in-game home, or add some flair to your game creations, decals are the key to unlocking endless possibilities.

Explore a curated list of handpicked decal IDs that encompass a wide range of themes, from eye-catching aesthetics to pop culture references, and everything in between.

Whether you’re a seasoned Roblox player or just starting your journey in the world of virtual creativity, this article will be your ultimate guide to discovering and utilizing the best decal IDs in Roblox.

List of 100 of the best decal IDs in Roblox:


Anime Characters

Decal NameDecal IDDecal Image
Luffy (One Piece)1051185602010511856020
Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter)10511856113 
Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)1051185611410511856114
Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)10511856116 
Deku (My Hero Academia)10511856117 
All Might (My Hero Academia)10511856118 
Donkey Kong11381339230 
Sonic the Hedgehog11381339233 
Dr. Eggman11381339236 
Nezuko (Demon Slayer)54443016115444301611
Satoru Gojo (JJK)1148639880911486398809
L (Death Note)58332222945833222294
Bachira (Blue Lock)1163614603911636146039
Anime Boy85926186758592618675
Kokomi (Genshin Impact)1176163778911761637789
Eren (Attack on Titan)64795898706479589870

Anime and Gaming Characters

Cuphead FNF9340709670'Cuphead
Sonic The Hedgehog6536394234'Sonic
PhantomArcade Mario10619210861'PhantomArcade
Huggy Wuggy7936191575'Huggy
Ronald McDonald6524922771'Ronald
FNF Nikku7440063531'FNF
Sarvente Had Enough6723867507'Sarvente
Sarvente FNF10277622363'Sarvente
Pico’s School6962282598'Pico’s
Straw Hat Pirates9478562327'Straw
Dragon Ball Goku7607741448'Dragon
Cute anime8227110001'Cute
Aesthetic anime girl8678122759'Aesthetic
Mario for Blox Fruit crew11168363548'Mario
Nezuko – Demon Slayer – Kawaii11426233172'Nezuko
Anime Face3241672660'Anime
Super Smash Bros Brawl2018209 
Super Sonic1234752

Anime Aesthetics

Anime Aesthetic6675147490'Anime
Another Anime Aesthetic5252447904'Another
Kawaii – Anime girl – Pastel11696745268'Kawaii
Doge Doge631727250'Doge

Memes and Internet Culture

Help me Rickroll all of Roblox6403436082'Help
Shocked Guy meme11818627075'Shocked
Among us man face9180622670'Among
Man shocked at the sight of a banana9605261863'Man
Distracted Boyfriend4690712516'Distracted
Success Kid4690712705'Success
Bad Luck Brian4690712890 
Disaster Girl4690713071 
Shrek the Anime1025976477'Shrek
Bunny with Peach2222586071'Bunny
Blue Mob10218442298'Blue
Kawaii Anime Girl11425468695'Kawaii
Bongo Cat2368504441'Bongo
Skeleton Meme10180536602'Skeleton
Windows XP Error4519042263'Windows
Mike Bruh Meme Face6090344677'Mike
A Well Known Meme1299973478'A
Round Penguin5399142179'Round
Trio in a Car Vibing8146208773'Trio
Dave & Bambi8705972246'Dave
Unloaded Boy9206925544'Unloaded
The Girl6445989296'The
Pentagram Symbol464093673'Pentagram
Scary Image 527307851339'Scary
Scary Japan Aesthetic6464695509'Scary
Noise Face11539168339'Noise
Scary Black Cat2752828722'Scary
Hisoka Scary10694691145'Hisoka
Ghost Twins314722698'Ghost
Horror Face2891891795'Horror
Giga Chad10590477450 
Sad Spongebob meme10729455663'Sad

Gaming and Logos

Roblox Logo3667193156 
Minecraft Logo3667193441'Minecraft
Ferrari Logo3667195731'Ferrari
Lamborghini Logo3667196016 
Super Mario11381339226 
Princess Peach11381339228 

Cartoon Characters

Spongebob Squarepants11381339217'Spongebob
Patrick Star11381339218 
Squidward Tentacles11381339219'Squidward
Charlie Brown11381339224'Charlie

Miscellaneous Memes and Ads

One Piece All x Luffy8964489645'One
Banana Cat5009915812'Banana
Amazon Box Meme4700049612'Amazon
Cat Standing Meme9142678957'Cat
Bing Chilling9895184382'Bing
Sus Dog Meme11648237431'Sus
Cheems Dog Minecraft9676276958'Cheems
Peter Griffin Voice Call4632517063'Peter
Roblox Meme 17279137105'Roblox
Saul Goodman Ad10586142459'Saul
Ronaldo Nextbot10487246132'Ronaldo
Moai PNG11990831699'Moai
Cute baby duck with a flower hat6277787457'Cute
Cute frog riding in car7790518252'Cute
Royal Greek Empire of Samos logo102348382'Royal
Spy x Family Anya Forger10694360254'Spy
Epic Duck Decal92401568'Epic
Sonic Sega 12052385551'Sonic
Tails – Sega12052378352'Tails
Amy Sega12052395301'Amy
Elmo fire10901055606'Elmo
Aesthetic Gamer Controller10322933810'Aesthetic
I am da biggest bird pic11041446595'Aesthetic
Meme hamster xd8450601370'Meme
I am the biggest bird pic12077086097'Im
Saul Goodman10776847027'Saul
Cat with gun78969295'Cat
Cat holding his food11089513965'Cat

Various Decals

Grey Hair6239940100'Grey
Milk Bread6239921200'Milk
Star Premium6239916554'Star
Hange 16072474496'Hange
Gamer Boy6239917306'Gamer
Light Blue6239941417'Light
Yellow Again6239948071'Yellow

Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) Decals

Zavodila – Friday Night Funkin’ Mid -Fight Masses OST6553589083
Empty – Friday Night Funkin Starving Artist OST6888938494
Friday Night Funkin Sarvente’s Mod Zavodila Full6547771002
Friday Night Funkin Sarvente’s Mod Worship Full6550555045
Parish – Friday Night Funkin’ Mid -Fight Masses6718589518
V.S. Garcello – Friday Night Funkin’ Release6782702098
Megalovania – Friday Night Funkin/FNF vs. Sans7170727096
Friday Night Funkin Title (Unused Edition)6543802407
Klaskii Romper – Friday Night Funkin’ OST6699846076
Ugh Sky – Friday night funkin’6690848964
Stress – Friday Night Funkin’ OST6699797770
Refresher – Friday Night Funkin FNF6938645418
Nerves OST – Friday Night Funkin’6803707463
Norway [Vs Tord Remastered]6946371456
Target Practice (Matt Mod)6724042036
Expurgation Guitar Cover7017532245
Reign of Apathy – BS6716655118
You Are A Fool – BS6675551088
Guns (Instrumental)6705376362
The Incident6911281765
Bad Piggies6907301504
Sugar Rush6716384631
Madness (Low Quality)6740930085
Roses (Fart Edition)6715731008
Mid – Fight Masses OST6663666572


You Can’t See Me; I’m an Invisible Cat2483186'You
Spongebob Street Graffiti51812595'Spongebob
Rainbow Cat Tail469008772'Rainbow
Welcome to Hell Sign30117799'Welcome
Angry Patrick Star13712924'Angry
Monster Energy logo123474111 
Radioactive Stripe91049678'Radioactive
Rainbow Braces124640306'Rainbow
Indian Hair111235934'Indian
Galatron Gunner93390411'Galatron
Red Tango16889797 
Halo Helmet75076726'Halo
Freckle Face12656209 
Spider Tux1803741

Other Memes and Icons

Dragones de kanna8332960925'Dragones
Sonic meme10491133376'Sonic
The meme dog9835676498'The

Gaming and Pop Culture

Gengar Crosshair11759293347'Gengar
Dragon Ball Crosshair11759193017'Dragon
Among Us Red Imposter decal5747127696'Among
Pop cat10800748312'Pop
Drip Goku7683701966'Drip
Spy TF211100293066'Spy
Pyro tf2 cook10085901665'Pyro
Gojo Satoru9242918232'Gojo
Breaking Bad Walter10118413175'Breaking
Assassin’s Creed symbol11622626925'Assassin’s
Red Omega Symbol11489880386'Red
Son Goku Ultra Instinct7625033282'Son

Genshin Impact Characters

Hutao – Genshin Impact6942501530'Hutao
Xiao – Genshin Impact10100073890'Xiao
Ganyu – Genshin Impact6409799531'Ganyu
Itto – Genshin Impact7903533369'Itto
Ei / Baal – Genshin Impact7903531752'Ei
Genshin Impact – Anime – pfp – Venti11761735237'Genshin
Genshin Impact – Anime – pfp – Childe11761733202'Genshin
Genshin Impact – Anime – pfp – Nilou11761723782'Genshin
Genshin Impact – Anime – pfp – Lisa11761719248'Genshin

Minecraft Blocks

Grass Block Side From Minecraft9267155990'Grass
Grass Block Top From Minecraft9267183944'Grass
Dirt From Minecraft9267089525'Dirt
Red Bed Top From Minecraft9267599783'Red
Oak Log Side From Minecraft9359131816'Oak
Sand From Minecraft9277770684'Sand

How to Redeem Roblox Decal IDs

To redeem a Roblox decal ID, simply copy and paste the ID into the search bar on the Roblox website. Once you have found the decal, click on it and then click the “Add to Inventory” button. Once the decal is in your inventory, you can apply it to any object in Roblox Studio.

Upload Your Own Decal to Roblox

If you can’t find the decal you’re looking for, you can always upload your own. To do this, you will need to create a Roblox account and then go to the Roblox Creator Dashboard. Once you are logged in, click on the “Decals” tab and then click the “Upload Decal” button. Follow the instructions on the screen to upload your decal.

Decals are a great way to add your own personal touch to your Roblox experience. Whether you’re looking for something funny, scary, or anime-inspired, there is a decal out there for everyone. With so many decals to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

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