How to Download a Windows 10 ISO Directly

windows 10 iso download

Downloading Updated Windows 10 File from Official sources is very easy, Most of the people don’t know you can download the legit copy of Windows 10 ISO direct from Microsoft website, they try to find the download link on spammy websites sometimes on torrent websites, by downloading Windows OS from … Read more

Change Folder Icon in Windows 10

change folder icons

We love to customize our phones with awesome icon packs but we never customise folder icons on Windows PC and Laptop, You customizing folder icons on windows you can make content on windows explorer easy to find, as it will be easier to recognise folder by its icon rather than … Read more

How to Hide a Folder in Windows

hide folder

When you share your PC/Laptop with family members or some time with friends it becomes necessary to hide some personal folders from everyone. These personal folders will allow to save content without worrying about what if someone saw it, Methods to hide folder mentioned here are for day to day … Read more

Best Android Emulators for Windows

best android emulators

Running Android on Windows has been made possible through emulation software which provides the functionality to run some certain version of Android in an isolated container. By using an android emulator you can experience all features of an android device like installing apps, using customization features, browse the internet, Google … Read more

Chromium Based Microsoft Edge Browser is Here

Microsoft’s latest version of Microsoft Edge browser is based on open-source project Chromium on which the most popular browser Google chrome is also based. Microsoft Edge is back in competition with Google’s Chrome browser as now Edge will be able to support all the things that are supported by Google … Read more

How to Delete Windows.old folder

delete old windows files

After Upgrading PC to Windows 10 or any version, Windows OS always creates a backup of old Windows files to make sure if anything stuck you can roll back to the previous version without issue. Windows deletes the backed up files after 1 month for you because you might need … Read more

How to Change Screen Orientation in Windows

Are you looking to change the screen orientation of your monitor to portrait? or a different angle? If you need to use multiple monitor people prefer to have one monitor as portrait which can be done easily using inbuilt Windows settings. You can also have fun on your friend’s computer … Read more