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    How to Factory Reset Your Windows Laptop

    There are various reasons why you might want to factory reset your Windows laptop. Doing this can allow you to troubleshoot your computer, get rid of malware, or even improve the laptop’s performance, either for yourself or for a new user. You don’t need to call tech support to factory reset your laptop, especially if […] More

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    39 Cool and Fun Google Search Tricks

    Google Search Engine is among the biggest in the market compared to Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines. Chances of you are reading this post is because you found this post on Google while typing Cool Google Search Tricks or similar search queries. While Google provides all the results for your search query there […] More

  • read deleted whatsapp msg

    How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Anytime In Android

    Sometimes you desperately wanted to see what was the message before it gets deleted in group chats or individual chats but someone deleted before that. To read deleted WhatsApp messages you must have seen many moded WhatsApp versions which we don’t recommend anyone because you just don’t know what’s happening inside the app and also […] More

  • download magnet links

    How To Download Magnet Links Without Utorrent At High Speed

    If you are reading this then you already know everything about torrent and just looking to download Magnet links online without any torrent client. To read in-depth about Magnet Link refer: Magnet URL Scheme So let’s cut the intro and do just that. You can always go back and read our how to download torrents […] More

  • unsend an email

    How To Unsend an Email on Gmail

    While sending an email we all click send and then realize Oh! I forgot to change the text or attach a file. Mistakes happen and that’s okay. We can save ourselves next time we send an email we can quickly unsend the email in Gmail. Quick Note: If you have already sent an email through […] More

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    Free Up Space on Android

    Space is always a problem on android phone that has limited space like 8 or 16 GB, the problem is when space is running low on your android phone, the phone starts to lag, you won’t be able to install new apps play store and constant notification shows up “like space is running low”. The […] More

  • mirror android screen
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    Mirror Android Screen to PC – Wirelessly or USB

    You can use your android phone from your windows pc without touching your android phone. You can continue to use your pc and android from one screen as per the need. All you need to do is mirror your android screen to pc. But there are tons of extra software and rooting method for mirroring […] More

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    How to Change Screen Orientation in Windows

    Are you looking to change the screen orientation of your monitor to portrait? or a different angle? If you need to use multiple monitor people prefer to have one monitor as portrait which can be done easily using inbuilt Windows settings. You can also have fun on your friend’s computer because it’s super hard to […] More

  • check usb history

    How To Check USB History In Windows 10

    Want to know if anyone has tried inserting any external USB device to your personal computer or laptop? When you were away doing someone tried to copy something from your system? There can be countless thoughts someone else is using your computer and you really want to know if they used any USB device or […] More