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    5 Best Remote Desktop Software

    It’s not possible for everyone to physically present at every friend, family and customers place to solve their IT related problems or guide them but you can take control of their system with these best remote desktop software. You can remotely control their systems, transfer files from your system to remote systems and much more. […] More

  • best photo viewer

    10 Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10 [2020]

    No matter what work or profession you’re in everyday we need to open multiple photos. The default option of Windows is quite slow to load. You can speed up things by just picking up right photo viewer and management software which will help you daily routine task without getting noticed. So here are some of […] More

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    How to Create Your Own VPN Server Using Outline

    Privacy is becoming a number one concern for everyone. While there are way too many free VPN available in the market which claims to be providing privacy to you but they itself use your data to target ads or provide that information to third-party services to keep running there services for free. When the service […] More

  • Reverse image search

    How To Reverse Image Search – on Desktop & Mobile

    How many time it happens you found an image on social media and want to know more about it but you don’t know where to check, in that case, you upload the image to search instead of typing your search query. There can be me many reasons to do a reverse image search like Get […] More

  • Amazon price tracker

    Amazon Price Tracker For Price History and Alert

    A deal is a great deal if you got it at the right price. While shopping online it’s really hard to keep track of the price of products in your wishlist to know when is the right time to buy it. Like others, I have a wishlist of products that I want to buy on […] More

  • Best Photo Editing Apps

    Best Photo Editing Apps for Android/iOS

    Let’s apply finishing touch to your great photos to make it even better version, those finishing touch you can apply with these best photo editing apps on android and iPhone. Your creative thinking and these apps features are best combination because if you have any idea in mind these powerful apps will help you make […] More

  • sync bookmark across browsers

    Sync Your Bookmarks Across Browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Brave)

    Keeping Bookmark in sync across browsers whether its Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave is not a easy task. If you use multiple browsers to test something or any other purpose and want your bookmarks should always be synced between them then here is how to do it. Syncing bookmarks Google Chrome to Google Chrome works […] More

  • Music for YouTube

    25 Awesome Places to Find Music for YouTube Videos

    YouTube is world’s biggest video sharing platform, every day millions of people watch billions of videos on YouTube That’s why YouTube is the world’s second most visited website in the world after Google. To help you find the Great music for your awesome YouTube video we have curated best music resources list you can use, […] More

  • Google Photos as Wallpaper
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    Set Google Photos as Wallpaper on Android

    Using Google Photos as wallpaper is something I was looking from quite a lot of time, like other I have also curated a collection of wallpapers I like but never found a way to change wallpaper automatically. A few months earlier I came to know about app Phuzei that works with Muzei app by using […] More

  • Best Chrome Extensions

    63 Best Google Chrome Extensions Handpicked For Every Category

    Chrome is an excellent browser and is used by millions of users every day because of the timely update and great power pack features. In chrome browser, you can install Chrome extensions that add new functionality in the browser and increase your competence in a countless way. In Chrome Web Store there is an extension […] More

  • Most Useful Chrome flags You should be using

    Most Useful Google Chrome Flags You Should Enable

    Google Chrome undoubtedly the most used browser worldwide. Features like bookmark and password sync across PC, Laptop, Android, iOS devices is super smooth. While the experience is pretty awesome still you can enhance it by some additional settings which are inbuilt all the time in the browser just not enabled. Which can be enabled or […] More

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    How To Block Spam Emails In Gmail & Tips to Prevent

    As the world is moving Digital more and more companies trying to reach everyone via Email which is causing too much of email spam. You can not prevent yourself from getting spam emails but you can take steps to automatically filtering spam emails and important emails in your inbox either it’s your personal Gmail account […] More