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  • hide chrome extensions

    Hide Chrome Extension Icons Chrome Toolbar

    Google Chrome is a very popular browser and reason for that not diminishing popularity is Chrome Extensions, Google Chrome Webstore is filled with awesome Chrome extensions that make it impossible for everyone to ditch Google Chrome because leaving Google Chrome means leaving all those extensions also. Using extensions also comes with a cost they use […] More

  • best privacy browser
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    Best Secure and Private Browsers

    Browser is the first thing you need to secure if you are serious about privacy because a browser knows more about you than you think, a browser can easily track your online behaviour, websites you visit, search queries you use and on what website you spent your most time. On top of that your browsing […] More

  • top paid android apps
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    13 Top Paid Android Apps Worth Buying

    We often have balance in our Google Play Store that we want to spend on apps that really worth our money, I often found myself puzzled where good paid android apps go when I need one to buy, here is a list of top paid apps that should be on everyone’s wish list. Also, keep […] More

  • android game booster apps
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    Best Game Booster for Android

    Every year new flagship and mid-range phones are launched with the latest technology, they have the latest processor, gorgeous display, and upgraded hardware. Game developers also started making heavy resources demanding games like Pubg mobile, Injustice, and many more to give you an awesome breathtaking game. If you are fed up with the sluggish performance […] More

  • Google Road Mapper

    Google Road Mapper [Early Access]

    Google is giving access to Google Road Mapper access to selected users as early access, normally only users are invited to use this Road Mapper who have previously contributed or added roads using Google Maps Contribution options. This Road Mapper will help Google to Map roads of world where millions of roads are currently not […] More

  • best wallpaper app for andorid
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    9 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020

    We use our Android phone every day, open lock screen to just check the time. Try to customize every bit of home screen, app launcher, icons so it feels unique to you. That would be a shame if we did not choose an awesome wallpaper for our android phone that suits you. Here in this […] More

  • handwriting to font
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    Turn Your Handwriting into Font | Step by Step Guide

    Have you ever thought you can turn your handwriting into font, you can then use that font on your Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheet, system font, every place which supports installing the custom font. Isn’t it cool you have your own handwriting as font or you can say you have a unique font that no one […] More

  • make resume online
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    Make Resume Online With These Best Free Websites In Seconds

    To make a Great and Attractive Resume (CV) you don’t need to scratch your head and think ? From where to start to build a resume? What design to choose to make a resume? How to align different sections and move sections if needed in a resume? What tools to use other than MS Office […] More

  • oneplus 8 wallpapers

    Downlaod OnePlus 8 Wallpapers

    OnePlus announced in a tweet that OnePlus 8 unveiling will be on 14 April The #OnePlus8Series is coming. April 14. — OnePlus (@oneplus) March 30, 2020 like every year OnePlus comes with a brand new top of the line product that also comes with unique customized wallpapers set, OnePlus in another tweet shared OnePlus 8 […] More

  • pandemic movies on Netflix

    Pandemic Movies on Netflix You Should Watch Now

    Right now the whole world is under lockdown due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), people are working from home and some people are feeling bored as they don’t have something to do. Here are some great movies on Pandemic available on Netflix you can watch to get the true sense of how a Pandemic can stop the […] More

  • Google logo
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    39 Cool and Fun Google Search Tricks

    Google Search Engine is among the biggest in the market compared to Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines. Chances of you are reading this post is because you found this post on Google while typing Cool Google Search Tricks or similar search queries. While Google provides all the results for your search query there […] More

  • read deleted whatsapp msg

    How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages Anytime In Android

    Sometimes you desperately wanted to see what was the message before it gets deleted in group chats or individual chats but someone deleted before that. To read deleted WhatsApp messages you must have seen many moded WhatsApp versions which we don’t recommend anyone because you just don’t know what’s happening inside the app and also […] More