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    How to Export Bookmarks From Chrome [Step By Step]

    Overtime your bookmarks keep on increasing as you discover more useful sites on the internet or bookmark your favorite one to get back easily. Bookmarks help us every single day to quickly hop between countless websites easily without the need to remember everything. Over time we have a huge amount of bookmarks in our browser. Sometimes […] More

  • Netflix Codes

    All Secret Netflix Codes

    What is Netflix Codes Netflix categorizes its shows based on different parameters. one thing is common they have assigned a numeric digit to each genre. If you need to find a particular category related all the shows by using Netflix codes it becomes much easier. Why use Netflix Codes Although Netflix tags content in multi-layered […] More

  • take ownership in windows 10

    How To Take Ownership of Folders and Files In Windows 10

    Getting full permission of files in Windows can be complex. Some method involves commands or requires additional software to be installed but it can be done in an easier way. If you need to access system-level files and folders Windows will not allow you to do that for security reasons. Sometimes you also need to […] More

  • pocket is free

    Pocket Casts is now free: Best Podcast App

    One of the most popular app for podcast listening is Pocket Casts. If you are into podcast you must have tried or know the about the app. Since the app launched in 2010 it was a paid app for android and ios both. Which was a problem for many users who wanted to get the […] More

  • Google Chrome Send this page

    Google Chrome new feature lets you Send Pages to Your Devices

    While you are browsing on your computer and you need to share that article or page URL to your phone it can take several steps to do that. But now Google Chrome has introduced a new feature “Send this page” which helps you share exact same URL to your Mobile phone connected with same Google […] More

  • most useful websites for Everyone

    51 Most Useful Websites on the Internet For Everyone [2020]

    As per Statista, there are more than 1.7 billion live websites out there, every website serves a significant purpose. You can watch the live counter of websites how fast new sites come live. Some give us knowledge, some services, utility, and so on. Probably for all of your problems, there are a couple of websites […] More

  • best username checker

    How to Check Your Username Availability Everywhere

    Getting your favourite username is a very tricky part but username checker can make it easy for you. The problem is when you have to get the exact same username on 10 different social media website and they might be a different kind of restrictions. Or maybe you have created a new website or business […] More

  • Best Puzzle Games for Android
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    Best Puzzle Games for Android

    Games that suits everyone and requires less time to start before you become a master. Levels keep getting difficult as your progress which requires more brainpower to solve the puzzle. Puzzle games have become more and more popular and are fun to play most of the time. They require making strategies to solve situations, thinking […] More

  • Best Strategy Android Games
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    Best Strategy Games for Android

    Strategy games require you to think before taking action. Your every move is counted so make your strategy combat with situations. These games will test your tactical abilities while playing and how well strategy you can make all while in real time. A Series of Best Android Games Best Free Android Games Best Multiplayer Android […] More

  • Most Useful CMD Commands

    Most Useful CMD Commands For Windows Users

    CMD which refers to Command Prompt in Windows. It can help you run various commands provided by Windows OS to run for the administrator task, scheduling, scripts, batch files and troubleshooting problems. While it might sound complex but there are many commands which can help you. For instance, you need to find the IP address […] More

  • Best Action Android Games
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    Best Action Games for Android

    Do you want the adrenaline rush? Want to feel challenged? Then you need some of the best action games to play. Here we have collected and will be adding more action games as we discover the games that keep your heart pumping until the finish of the level. [optional] Skip to Your Favourite Category of […] More

  • best free multiplayer games for android
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    Best Multiplayer Games for Android

    Playing Games with friends is always fun. Either is shooting, casual, adventure or sports games playing in a team gives you endless memories with your friends and family. In the Google Play Store, there are tons of multiplayer games for Android. Fighting with your buddies for winning the match is absolute enjoyment. You also get […] More