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  • Download Torrent Online

    Online Torrent Downloader without any Client

    Torrent, when we hear this word we think of downloading movies, games and software. There are tons of websites offering torrent download. There are different ways to download torrent we will explain how to download torrent online. How does Torrent Works: Before we start downloading the file first needs to be uploaded on the torrenting […] More

  • How to Create Cool Custom Bullets in Microsoft Word

    How to Create Cool Custom Bullet Point in Microsoft Word

    After creating a custom bullet point you will Love it because it takes 2 minutes to customize it, Often time while working in documents you come across a situation where you need to add a different kind of icons or symbols into your documents or you need a new custom bullet point icon to make […] More

  • How to Folder Sync

    How to Sync Two Folders in Windows

    In this post, we will go through some of the ways you can use to sync multiple folders in Windows 10 from one drive to another drive (internal or external). It’s easy and just takes a  few clicks after selecting a source and destination folders. You can use it setup real-time two way sync between […] More

  • Best free Android Games
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    Best Free Android Games You Should Try Right Now

    Finding the best android games can be challenging because the size of games keeps increasing due to the increase in high graphics and quality. We have compiled some of the best games across multiple categories and will be keep updating as we come across a new game. Make sure to bookmark it as you might […] More

  • How to Learn Touch Typing Fast

    13 Websites to Learn Typing Online for Free

    Everyone who has access to computers, laptops should know how to Touch type because it will boost your productivity and confidence to the roof. Learning typing is not a difficult task, you just need a keyboard and guidance to start practicing, it will only take a few months of practice to get a good typing […] More

  • How to disable startup programs in windows

    How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

    Whenever you switch on or boot up your Desktop PC or Laptop Windows starts loading system files then few of your installed programs. Did you felt its super slow and takes a lot of time? Some of the programs start are necessary or have gained access to start themselves while installing the programs every time […] More

  • Bootable Pendrive

    How to make a Bootable Pendrive for installing Windows: Easy Way

    As per Wikipedia, there are billions of computers using Windows as an operating system. Windows OS is an amazing software for all kinds of needs no doubts but there are endless situation where it might create some issue itself or due to any third party software or virus etc you might need to reinstall the […] More

  • best windows utilities

    Top 10 Best Windows Utilities You Should Start Using

    In this post, we have covered some of the most useful and best windows utilities which you should start using as per your daily environment and usage. There are tons of windows utilities over the internet but these are some of the most useful for almost anyone. We have tested all of the software on […] More

  • Productive Chrome Tips

    29 Productive Google Chrome Tips for Everyone

    In this post, we have shared some of the most useful Chrome tips which you will make your life a lot easier. Google Chrome is the most widely used browser around the world no doubts. You and I daily spent hours doing stuff, doing our office work, college work and so on. There are a […] More

  • Best-apps-of-the-year

    Best Apps of the Year 2020

    There are 2,912,600   Android apps in the Google play store. Its a really hard work to find a useful app in the first try that fulfils your need, you have to check multiple apps some apps suck some perform well but not as per your desired level. That’s why we have categorised some best […] More

  • best URL Shortener websites thumbnail

    Top 7 URL Shorteners and How to Choose Which One is Better

    URL Shorteners are a great way to share long URL which sometimes gets broken if something goes missing while copy pasting everywhere, Because sometimes websites pass multiple parameter and paths with complex character pattern which no one can remember and the only way is to copy-paste URL, which doesn’t look good and might break the […] More

  • privacy_security_checkup_thumnail

    Facebook Privacy and Security Settings You Need to Recheck Now

    If you are following the recent news you must have heard Cambridge Analytica case, where 87 million people’s data has been collected by a quiz app named “This Is Your Digital Life”. on which 27 thousand people have signed up and shared their data with the app. In total, we believe the Facebook information of […] More