Most Useful Indian Railways Apps For Travellers

This article contains some of the best apps for travellers who love to travel by Indian Railways. All of these are apps I have personally used over the years and found useful some or the other way.

Although apps are categorizes based on the main highlighted feature still one single app can fall into almost all categories as well.

Starting with Planning then Booking the tickets and finally tracking your train journey effectively.

Quick Note: No matter which app you like for booking the tickets you need to have one IRCTC account which will be asked inside each app or you can use directly the IRCTC app.

Best Indian Railways Apps for Planning Trips


Really popular app with all the basic features of Seat Availability, PNR Status, Running Status, Train schedule, live station.


One really cool feature that stands out is Alternative Train + Train. By using this feature you can enter your destination and boarding station to know if seats are not available by direct train. You can take a switch train with another one and get confirmed tickets on your entire route.

Can be really helpful when your direct train might be full due to some big stations in between the route and you can break your journey into two parts if you don’t want to travel in waiting.

You can even get availability for Train + Bus as well on your route.

Ticket booking is also available just enter/save your IRCTC details that will be used while looking for a seamless experience.

The app is quite fast in fetching the details and compact to show a lot of information at a glance which makes it a good choice for scouting multiple destinations, trains at once for planning your trips, and get the confirmed ticket.


You can use the website directly if don’t want to install an app if usage is very less.


This is my personal favourite apps and I have been using it for 3 years now.

The app is filled with all the features available like Trains by Name/Number, Seat Availability, Station Status, Coach Position Checker, Booking Alert(really helpful), Platform Locator, Station Alarm, and even Local Metro stations, routes available inside the app.

Just one app that can handle everything beautifully. When you arrive in a new city and you need to take the metro you don’t need to worry as it has metro maps of all Metros in India available directly.

Tickets booking can be done easily and seat availability checking is easy to use.

What I really like and use mainly apart from planning the journey and checking the availability of sets is My Trips.

Under My Trips you can enter your PNR number from anywhere you have booked a ticket and it will fetch all the details and if the ticket was on waiting will show the probability which seems to be pretty accurate for me.

Using the official IRCTC app can be slow and filled with ads but this My Trips feature just solves all the issues for tracking the seats and availability and trips.

Honourable Mentions: MakeMyTrip, GoIBIBO as these are really popular apps and everyone might be already knowing and just clean experience with no ads mostly.

Best Apps for Indian Train Ticket Booking

No matter which apps you use you need to provide them with an IRCTC account ID and password to proceed. Create your account first on the website here: IRCTC Website

Hence the first app is


Official app/website for booking the tickets.

I personally use the official website most of the time. Booking Tatkal and auto-upgrade options are something I can’t rely on third-party apps which are at the end going to use the same IRCTC id for booking.

Unless you are getting some discounts or getting tired of the ads inside the IRCTC app my recommendation would be to use the official app.

Make sure to save the passenger list if you travel frequently to save time.

IRCTC Rail Connect
IRCTC Rail Connect
Developer: IRCTC Official
Price: Free

For iOS get Download IRCTC

Google Pay

Booking experiencing is completely different inside the app and fast plus you can also get a lot of cashback offers while booking.

I have twice or thrice inside the app and experiencing is just perfect.

The interface is fast with small features like show only trains with available seats and sorting the trains.

Google Pay: Save and Pay
Google Pay: Save and Pay
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
‎Google Pay: Save and Pay
‎Google Pay: Save and Pay
Developer: Google
Price: Free


Just like GPay train bookings can be done inside the Paytm app as well.

Nothing no extra features, same features as others, enter the source and destination station, pick the train, provide the IRCTC details and book the tickets.

Paytm also has a PNR checker and food order by entering your PNR.

Best Apps for Tracking Trains

The first app every traveller will be already knowing is

Where is My Train

This app is soo good that recently Google acquired it and now the team works with Google to make it even better.

App just needs a one-time connection to fetch the train schedules and necessary data and after that, it works even in offline modes with the highest accuracy about where the train is currently.

Accuracy of the app using your GPS or Internet Connection to locate the train station and position is on point.

You can use all of the mentioned apps in this article for tracking the train: IXIGO, ConfirmTkt, MakeMyTrip, and more.

My Personal go-to combo of apps among all: IRCTC + IXIGO + Where Is My Train

Where is my Train
Where is my Train
Price: To be announced

Bonus Tips:

Tricks To Help While Travelling

Online Chart List to find vacant births between stations

If you’re having a waiting ticket booked from the counter and want to board the train.

Quickly open:

Enter the details to find the Chart of your train to find vacant birth between stations on the entire route, so you don’t need to bother anyone else simply go to the vacant berths.

Set Alert for Booking Open

If you’re a frequent traveller and might be living outside your hometown it’s a good idea to add a booking alert for major festivals in advance as to when the booking opens for that particular day in the advance system you can book instantly. IXIGO has a booking alert feature.

Add All YOUR PNR into one app

Checking the PNR status or even tracking all your previous and future upcoming journeys can be tiring if you are booking tickets from multiple sources. Use IXIGO to add all your PNR under My Trips for tracking.

Which are your favourite apps you prefer for Indian Railways?

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