Best Android Customization Apps 2020

customize android

Android community loves customization and the best part is it’s easy to customize android phone these days with the number of apps available. By just using a couple of apps and wallpaper you can give a new kind of look to your daily home screen. Some apps can give you … Read more

How To Repost on Instagram

repost for instagram

On different social media per day, millions of new post are made by users, Not all post gets the attention it deserves because person posting might not have a great following or other factors might come in. Here comes the great help from thousands of follower who can retweet, reshare … Read more

How to Hide Apps on Android

hide apps on android

There are many reasons to hide apps on android phone, like hide apps that are not suitable for children so you need to hide the app before handing them the phone to play games or hide any specific app from your friends and family. Some android phones default launcher support … Read more

Best Game Booster for Android

android game booster apps

Every year new flagship and mid-range phones are launched with the latest technology, they have the latest processor, gorgeous display, and upgraded hardware. Game developers also started making heavy resources demanding games like Pubg mobile, Injustice, and many more to give you an awesome breathtaking game. If you are fed … Read more

Best Android Emulators for Windows

best android emulators

Running Android on Windows has been made possible through emulation software which provides the functionality to run some certain version of Android in an isolated container. By using an android emulator you can experience all features of an android device like installing apps, using customization features, browse the internet, Google … Read more

Free Up Space on Android

Space is always a problem on android phone that has limited space like 8 or 16 GB, the problem is when space is running low on your android phone, the phone starts to lag, you won’t be able to install new apps play store and constant notification shows up “like … Read more