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  • best android emulators
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    Best Android Emulators for Windows

    Running Android on Windows has been made possible through emulation software which provides the functionality to run some certain version of Android in an isolated container. By using an android emulator you can experience all features of an android device like installing apps, using customization features, browse the internet, Google Play store, and much more. […] More

  • best wallpaper app for andorid
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    9 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020

    We use our Android phone every day, open lock screen to just check the time. Try to customize every bit of home screen, app launcher, icons so it feels unique to you. That would be a shame if we did not choose an awesome wallpaper for our android phone that suits you. Here in this […] More

  • best icon packs
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    21 Best Icon Packs for Android – Dev Edition

    Changing the look of any android phone usually starts with wallpaper but icon packs are one which completes your setup. you can not think of setup without an icon pack that goes well with your theme. In this post I will be sharing best icon packs you can use for your setup and this list […] More

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    Free Up Space on Android

    Space is always a problem on android phone that has limited space like 8 or 16 GB, the problem is when space is running low on your android phone, the phone starts to lag, you won’t be able to install new apps play store and constant notification shows up “like space is running low”. The […] More

  • halloween apps

    Best Halloween Apps

    October is time to carve pumpkins to make a lamp for Halloween and get dressed in the spookiest dress you can. In digital ara, you have plenty of apps that will let you customize your phone to be your best spooky friend. These apps will let you set spooky wallpapers & ringtones on your phone […] More

  • endless runner games
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    Best Endless Runner Games for Android

    Keep running to save your life because you can’t blink away while playing these amazing running games. Calculate the risk ahead before taking the move as the levels keep getting difficult to make the experience more enjoying and fun. These endless runner games just don’t end and you can keep playing them as long as […] More

  • best podcast apps

    Best Podcast App (Android, iOS)

    Podcasts are everywhere now. Everyone is coming up with a new podcast. Finding the next best podcast becomes easier if you have the right apps on your smartphone. Because there are so many podcasts there are so many apps as well to choose from on android and ios. While most of the apps available on […] More

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    7 Must-Have Apps for Netflix Users

    Netflix is the biggest streaming services provider and you can enjoy Netflix not only on your mobile, computer and smart TV but also on game consoles and Blu-ray players and many other devices, The only question is what you are going to watch on Netflix because Netflix has a massive library of movies, shows and […] More

  • pocket is free

    Pocket Casts is now free: Best Podcast App

    One of the most popular app for podcast listening is Pocket Casts. If you are into podcast you must have tried or know the about the app. Since the app launched in 2010 it was a paid app for android and ios both. Which was a problem for many users who wanted to get the […] More

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    How to Create Your Own VPN Server Using Outline

    Privacy is becoming a number one concern for everyone. While there are way too many free VPN available in the market which claims to be providing privacy to you but they itself use your data to target ads or provide that information to third-party services to keep running there services for free. When the service […] More

  • Best Photo Editing Apps

    Best Photo Editing Apps for Android/iOS

    Let’s apply finishing touch to your great photos to make it even better version, those finishing touch you can apply with these best photo editing apps on android and iPhone. Your creative thinking and these apps features are best combination because if you have any idea in mind these powerful apps will help you make […] More