How to Create Your Own VPN Server Using Outline

Privacy is becoming a number one concern for everyone. While there are way too many free VPN available in the market which claims to be providing privacy to you but they itself use your data to target ads or provide that information to third-party services to keep running there services for free.

When the service is free you become the product. While it’s obvious how someone can run servers for free.

But what if you can run your own server that can be used as your own VPN? Isn’t going to much safer and privacy-focused way?

Just in case you are getting anxious about the idea of your own server and,

thinking like


I don’t think I can run a server or it will be too complex

Let me clarify this its way to easy and simple

Just stick around till the end of the and then decide.

How to Make Your Own VPN: Step by Step


  • A Server – We will use Digital Ocean $0.007/hour usage (Try 30 Days free VPN: Get $50 Digital Ocean Credits)
  • Outline Manager – An open-source software ( Available on Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Outline Client to connect VPN ( Available on Android, iOS, Chrome OS)

Everything is available in the graphical user interface so no typical setup required.


How to Setup Outline Manager on Server

First Download Outline Manager from here as per your system Windows, macOS or Linux

Install it and Open

You will get a screen something similar like this

outline manager

You have the option to use Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud or any other service provides where you can run commands to install outline on the server.

If you use the available options you don’t need to do any installing it will be installed automatically via API call.

We will select Digital Ocean for this tutorial as our website is also hosted on it and we have billing and everything setup their.

After selecting Digital Ocean you will be redirected to your browser for granting access to your account, complete the step.

Now in the Outline Manager, you will be given the option to select a region of server like below, select the one which is nearest to your region

choose location of server outline

Wait for few minutes as Outline will be installed on your server

Outline setup in progress

You can also check your Digital Ocean account as the droplet is being set up by Outline Manager something like this:

DO setup in prgress

Once done you will get a screen like below with basic stats and one access ready to use

Now the only thing left is to connect your PC or Mobile to VPN.

How to Connect to VPN on Desktop or PC

Inside Outline Manager in front of access key click on the device icon which will open a popup like this

connect device

Select Connect to this Device, then click on Install Outline


It will download the Outline, install it and open it

In the outline manger, you will be shown access code click on it and you will see the below screen on your device just click on add server

add server in outline

Once the server is added in Outline Client, hit connect and you will be successfully connected to VPN

vpn connected

To verify open incognito tab in your browser and search my location

You will be shown a location which you selected while selecting a region of server, in our case it was Banglore
your vpn location

How to Connect to VPN on Andriod and iOS

You can have multiple devices using the same server. For example, you and your friends can use the same server to save cost.

In the outline manager click on the new “Add new key

Copy the instructions and send it your mobile device
Download Outline Client on your Device from here

Price: Free

‎Outline App
‎Outline App
Price: Free

Open up the app and click on add server

Paste the access key in the box and you’re done. Just hit connect it will start working

outline on android


How to Destroy Server

Once the server is destroyed you will not be billed by your hosting provider. If you no longer need the VPN you can destroy it in one click.

Select three-dot options which will show only one option to destroy the server, select it and you’re done.

destroy server

How much you will be charged

Digital Ocean provides pricing in hourly basis which means if you use VPN for 2 hours then destroy the server then it will be only $0.014 only with some additional tax as a final invoice.

Which means you don’t need to buy a yearly or monthly plan. If you want always available server then it will be just $5/month predictable pricing no more extra charges.

If you use AWS or Google Cloud make sure to check the pricing conditions before starting.

Why have your own VPN?

  • You have complete control over your information rather than some VPN companies selling your info
  • Complete Privacy and peace of mind
  • Cost-effective as you can run VPN when needed and destroy so no more cost.
  • Multiple friends can share the same VPN for a more cost-effective solution
  • Region selection based on the server for flexibility
  • If you need to login in your personal computer remotely use VPN to be safe.

Best VPN Without Making Your Own Server

If you are still not convinced to have your own VPN and bear these very minor complexities.

No worries you can still choose from the available options which are best VPN in the market right now.


Wrapping up How to make your own VPN

While creating your own VPN is too easy and also cost effective with more control over your data. You can have more privacy and security for your work. Still, a lot of people will find it a bit of hassle to setup hosting provider, their billing and use different software. Where they can just use the most popular VPN without the need of doing anything extra.

Which VPN services do you use? and Which one do you recommend for other users?

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