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23 Hosting Options Across Categories For Everyone

Serverless Deployments

Want to deploy your static website online to see how it looks or sharing with someone else to get feedback. Just run few CLI commands in your project folder and it's live up & running.

No Server Configuration Needed

Best part unlimited free publishing, basic SSL and custom domain for your static website. If you need more features you can go for paid plan more control and features


More Than a Static Website

It's different then others as while deploying your project you get versioning of your projects like GIT workflow. You can setup your build pipeline, continuous deployment.


GitHub Pages

Hosted in GitHub Repos freely

You get free unlimited public repos for hosting any number of website with your own custom domain. If you don't want make your code open you can go for paid plan for private repos.

GitHub Pages

GitLab Pages

Website for Your Projects

Unlimited free private repos for your all of codes, by using custom domain you can host a fully functional website without any charge. We use it for a lot of our projects

GitLab Pages


Drag & Drop Web Hosting

Just drag and drop your website into Dropbox or Google Drive folder and it will be live from there. Free plan is pretty limited but for testing purpose it's good or just use any of the above mentioned sites.


Google App Engine

Highly Scalable

Hosting your static site on app engine can cost less then traditional hosting as there is free tier. Either host on subdomain or your own custom domain, it can be scaled to any number of requests after free usage.

Google App Engine

Firebase Hosting

Fast & Secure

You get 1GB space, 10GB bandwidth, 100 real time connections for free. Is'nt perfect for your complete new website or personal website or very small projects no hosting charge. You can use your custom domain.

Firebase Hosting

Digital Ocean

VPS Hosting, Our Favorite

Get unmanaged, private VPS hosting with probably the most easy to use interface and powerful features even a newbie can run a server in few seconds. Simple Pricing Structure.

Digital Ocean


VPS Hosting

Similar to Digital Ocean, get virtual private server with high performance and great infrastructure so you can scale when you need with straight forward simple pricing.



Linux VPS

Deploy Linux virtual server within seconds with clean user interface and flat rate pricing structure. All the plans include SSD for fast speed. Also comes with few extra addon for utilities.



By Amazon

Amazon Web Services provides the vast number of cloud services in the world. Anything you need is there from Compute, Database, AR, VR, ML, IOT and much more. Pricing can be higher if you can't manage server efficiently. Try out the always free tier to understand more why it's first choice of enterprises.

Amazon Web Services- EC2


By Google

Google Cloud Platform provides almost all the services you need for all kind of needs for developers with scalability. Pricing can be high because of the high reliability services. You can try out the free tier of GCP anytime. Mostly preferred by business and enterprise just like AWS.

Google Cloud Platform


Image Hosting Better Way

Offload your images and videos to cloudinary and dynamically manipulate your assets in the cloud any no of time with full control. At the same time deliver content through their CDN.


Google Photos

Unlimited storage

You can upload unlimited number of images and videos in your google photos account with high quality option enabled. Google photos makes it easy to backup photos from phone and share with friends and family.

google photos


Image Manipulation on the Fly

You can do URL based image manipulation while not thinking about number of image transformations you did as imagekit charges for bandwidth you use, imagekit's plans may not suit everyone.



Image Sharing Community

Flickr is a place where you can host your images and videos and embed URLs on your website, you can also find royalty free images shared by other users on flicker to use in your project.



Image Sharing Community

Basically imgur is image sharing community where people upload their images and gifs to share with world, but you can use imagur for hosting your images privately or publicly.



Massive Database of Videos

World's 2nd most visited website is YouTube, YouTube has a very large and engaging community, you can monetize your videos to start earning by sharing your content on platform.



Video Sharing Community

Dailymotion is also a popular website where you can host and share your videos with the world. You can also monetize your videos easily.

daily motion


You & Your Videos

Focus on you and your videos. Vimeo offer many features that just ease the work for you like native sharing on Facebook and YouTube. You can even rent and sell your videos to earn money.



GIFs Paradise

Giphy is place where gifs are crowdsourced by the users on the internet. You can upload your gifs on giphy to share with world.



Fun & Sharing Together

On imgur users from all around the world upload funny, hilarious gifs so you can giggle and share your own content with the world.