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Best CMS for Website Building


The most widely used content management system around the world. Simplicity, open source, huge amount of plugin support and community makes it perfect for anyone to run a website.


Most popular choice for enterprise websites. It’s open source, less resource hungry on the server side, more complex then WordPress and highly scalable.


Quite similar to WordPress built on PHP and open source software. It comes with performance boosting functionality built in like caching and gzip compression.


It comes with only paid plan which covers hosting and website builder both all you need to do is drag and drop to complete the website in no time.


Completely free to use no paid plans. No tension of hosting and security, Less control over complete website and your content but you can create website like


Completely opensource and customizable, paid plan includes hosting and ssl. You can also use its open sourced code licensed under MIT free of cost.

Netlify CMS

Static website generator like Hugo, Middleman, Gatsby can be used with Netlify CMS with few clicks with git version control setup.

A/B Testing

Google Optimize

Test different version your website which drives more conversation by split testing. It’s by Google so its easy to use, implement and analyze quickly to switch to better version.

Billing Solution


You can focus on your business more than managing payment and billing solutions, Stripe manages all securely and adapts according to your need.


Simple yet effective, you can just create account and start receiving payments after completing required documentation. Available only in India.


If you accept Razorpay accepts, you can take payments using UPI, Wallets(JioMoney, Airtel Money, FreeCharge etc.) easily. Available only in India.


Widely popular, accept payment anywhere in the world without any hesitation. You can integrate it in your flow or use to receive payment directly.

Push Notification


Deliver notification on cross platform( Mobile, Web Push, Email*) Free of cost from one place.


Engage your users with your notification, easily setup and start scheduling.


Pusher is much more than just a notification, integrated it in your product to tailor your need.


Create users journey to automate and customize user experience. Engage them using push notification, in-app, SMS, web-overlay or email where suits.

Email Notification


Automate and build powerful email marketing campaigns. Keep them checked with information they want from you.

Live Chat


Create Funnel drive more customers, engage and support while making new leads effortlessly.


Don’t miss any opportunity use drift and capture lead. Schedule meetings, start a conversation with bots.


Engage users at the right time, help users before they ask, chat with clear context of users flow.

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