Currently in beta, which will be over soon, going viral as Yoast plugin had some bugs in few version. Design, features are just awesome and everything is free as of now. It’s going to dominate the SEO plugin segment soon.

Yoast SEO

Anything you need for search engine optimization from a plugin is present. Most widely used plugin in WordPress based website. Easy to use and all the relevant suggestions.

All in One SEO

Most widely recommended as the best alternative of all in on SEO. The features are almost same with different way or UI. You can do almost all the things on this as well but different pricing options.


Securing your website from so many attacks, hacks, vulnerability is much simple from just an plugin. It can safeguard your website form almost all types of attacks which you can think of. Make sure you put additional security measure server side don’t depend on plugin.

AddToAny Share

Adding social share button is kind of necessary now-a-days to make it easy for users to share content and adding almost all button is very simple with addtoany share plugin.

Google Authenticator

Add two step verification for login in two the website for admins, users, or whom you want. It just increases the security level for accounts. No one can login with email and password which can slow down any attack.

W3 Total Cache

You can literally boost your performance of website by just enabling and configuring basic options. If you completely configure the plugin it can cache almost everything accordingly and provide the best performance from you server.


Highly recommended if you need to optimize your css, js and combine them. Just active and check your performance score go up within seconds. Most the settings are default you just need to check mark to enable.


Many times in different blogpost you need to share different play store or app store links for users to download. By this plugin you can add rich preview of app you want on the page by just providing link no other step required.

Broken Link Checker

Your 404 pages are missed opportunity which can be loss for your website. Find them before they happen by doing just few scans to see any link pointing to non existing page.

Contact Form 7

Anything you want your content form do is possible with contact form 7, all you need to do is customization. There are tons of other plugin built top on this plugin. Just make it how you want it to look.

Updraft Backup / Restore

Backup of WordPress can be taken easily and effortlessly with this plugin, you can take backup to on site or third-party remote storage like on AWS or Dropbox daily. Backups are even broken in separate zips(plugin, theme, database, uploads).

Accelerated Mobile Pages

This plugin helps you manage almost all of the aspects of your websites AMP version while not loosing the core functionality, Google Tag Manager, adding custom script to pages, manage post by post AMP option, more features can be added with add-ons.

AMP for WordPress

It’s an official plugin for creating AMP pages on your website. Features offered might be limited compared to amp4wp but possibilities depend on your development. It’s completely open source so you can checkout the source code if you want to before using it.

Thirsty Affiliates

Manage all your affiliate links from one place, it has some pretty useful features like link cloaking, safe redirects, link click tracking, adding banner to links, bulk import and auto keyword are some of them.

Woo Commerce

WooCommerce gives you capability to create your own online shop with your own rules, you can control your frontend and backend, functionality can be expanded with extensions.

WPS Hide Login

Move your WordPress login page to different location to keep it away from spammers. You can do this without plugin also but this plugin makes it super easy.


Don’t Bloat WordPress with plugins keep them below 20 at least, always keep your plugins up to date.

Security Checking

Hacker Target

Check if your wordpress site is not on target of hackers as they target popular vulnerabilities available in wordpress or plugin’s previous version. It will also check web server for any security hole.

WP Scans

An online one click WordPress security scanner with quite useful information to find the vulnerability of almost any WordPress website.


This tool will check your WordPress based website against most common security mistakes which can lead to website hack or information leakage.

Sucuri Sitecheck

Check your website is malware infected or not? As a result of malware most of the website gets blacklisted by google safe browsing and others and loose lots of traffic and users.

Code Snippets

Generate WP

If you want to add any specific functionality to your website and don’t know how to do it then you can try Generate WP and use PHP snippets. Although its not recommended if you don’t know what you are doing.

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