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SEO Tools

Screaming Frog SEO

The best website analysis tool with a spider which crawls your whole website and gives you the best analysis ever from any tool.

Headmaster SEO

Check your thousands of URLs, sitemaps within minutes and export with all status codes to start working on fixing them.


Most popular in digital marketing professionals as All-in-one SEO toolkit for competitive research, website audit, backlinks, social media engagement, paid traffic analysis at one place.


The best tool for monitoring anyone’s website backlink, organic keywords, best content, top pages, charts & graphs of progress of you vs the website you are competing with.


Remember Domain Authority? or DA? it’s calculated by Moz over different factors. It includes pro and free tools as all in one SEO toolkit with features like Keyword Research, SEO audit, rank tracking and backlink research.



Most widely used for backlinks and metrics like trust flow, citation flow for quality of backlinks and all the external, internal linking data you need.


You must be using KWFinder it’s one of 5 other SEO tools provides by them that are SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler. Definitely try the free plan.


If you are just beginning or want to save money. Collect data from various free tools carefully and analyze at one place like spreadsheets or whiteboard. Don’t buy too many paid tools it will confuse you.

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner

Trying to rank in Google search engine why not take all the data from Google based on traffic volume, suggestions, difficulty.


This tools provides quite accurate and relevant data with keywords you are ranking, your competitor is ranking to plan for next article.


Most widely used for Keyword research to get all the best keywords you need with suggestion, search volume to plan for what to use and what not.

Answer The Public

Confused about next topic to write? Just one or few words and get topic with titles ideas within seconds.


It’s promoted as to find your all Competitors profitable keywords for AdWords PPC and SEO for Organic Search results and optimizing your content.

Google Corelate

Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends. Not very popular but you can use it to find searches that correlate with real-world data.

Google Trends

Here you can get all the trends over the period of time on topic, keywords basis to analyze what is trending, how long it was trending with past years data to predict the future occurrence to write content that is being searched by users.


With new design UberSuggest is now more powerful for keyword ideas, SERP analysis, volume and few more tools coming soon.


Write the content that gets shared by user but how do you know what people share more? Buzzsumo provides all the data for most shared content on all social media platforms on any topic or competitor.


Long-tail keywords are the best keywords everyone knows that but how do you get more ideas? Use LSIGraph to get more long-tail keywords ideas that Google loves.

Exploding Topics

Wouldn’t be it great if you know what topic is going to be in trend before it even starts trending. You can see what topics are people started searching more.


Keywords research is necessary to know what people are actually interested in and searching for but don’t go crazy for keywords. In the age of Natural language processing Google can easily identify great content vs optimized content.

Performance, Optimization & Security


GTMetrix gives you the best recommendation on how to make your website faster with all the details and even you can setup weekly monitoring for free.


Use this tool to find what content type takes most of the time for loading webpage, find bottlenecks, useful suggestions to improve your page performance and reduce bounce rate because of the loading time.


Run a test of your website and get useful insights based on best practices to follow, if you can improve most of the suggestion, you will have a faster loading website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Loves Faster websites with useful content. A tool by Google to check your page speed and get Optimization Suggestions

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Is your website mobile friendly? Why not let’s just test it out to find how a or will see your website this tool checks it and gives what issues are there to make it mobile Friendly.

SEO Site Checkup

A very simplified yet powerful report, easy to understand over different categories like General SEO, Speed, Server and Security, Mobile Usability and Advanced SEO checkups.

Varvy SEO Tool

This tool will give you insights from very minor to important details which you most of the time might miss. Do test your website to see if everything is as per the best Google practices of not.

Netlify Speedtest

What’s you sites response time across the world? Test response time of your and your competitors to see how much do you need to improve your response time. Always keep it under 200ms.

WP Scans

An online one click WordPress security scanner with quite useful information to find the vulnerability of almost any WordPress website.

Sucuri SiteCheck

Scan your website against most common security mistakes, website blacklist database and any other security measure it founds you can take action.


This tool will check your WordPress based website against most common security mistakes which can lead to website hack or information leakage.

Structured Data Markup Helper

The most easiest way to add Structured data in your website within few minutes. It help understand Google more about your webpage data clearly which can be presented in more attractive and new ways in Google Search.

Rich Results Test

Do you want to get featured in Google search results in attractive ways? then you need Structured data on your website. Use official tool by Google to find out do you have enough structured data present your website data in new ways in search.

TipWhy Optimize

If Google search page load time increases by 500ms it can drop millions of search hence revenue from ads. Amazon found an increase of 100ms in load time can drop 1% in sale i.e. $1.6 billion. Read Here
After ‘Speed Update’ by Google you need to have faster loading time with valuable content. People do not like to wait because Speed Matters.

Social Media Management


Scheduling and posting on multiple social media accounts from one place is easy when you use buffer. Schedule once and it will be automatically posted


Best part of Hootsuite is you can see the actual feeds of accounts which is not possible on other tools. Most of the scheduling features work same, more than enough space in free tier to keep using.


Never depend on one social media channel for most of your traffic not even Google Search. Create unique audience for your content and promote accordingly on those channels.


Google Analytics

No info is needed, every website out there is using Google Analytics unless you develop your own in-house analytics. It’s best with tons of features for advanced analytics related to the website.


The fast and visual way to understand your users. You can see heatmaps of users ing your website to optimize more towards your end goal to help you get more conversions and improvise user experience of your website.

Crazy Egg

What people do on your website? Why they leave? Worried about those question then install crazy egg to see your users journey on your website to fix the problems and optimize for easy user interface with better understanding of user’s behavior.

Crazy Egg


A Complete open source analytics solution to make sure you have all the data on your server no third-party can access if you need more privacy for your users with no limits with tons of easy to use features.

OpenWeb Analytics

Another open-source analytics solution for your website. Most of the basic tracking features are same. You can setup using JavaScript, PHP or Rest APIs. Easy integrations with WordPress and mediawiki available.


Content intelligence analytics for most accurate and useful data for your content. What’s keeping your users engaged, understand why a content performs better and more. No pricing mentioned probably going to be higher.


If you can measure you can manage it. Irrespective of what analytics platform you are using setup advance data collection methods to understand deeply about your users that doesn’t means collecting there email or phone number. It means how they behave, use, click and exit.

Local Business Listing

Google My Business

Want to get listed on the most popular maps service in the world? Just the website and verify your business details and you’re up with billions of business on the Google Maps and it’s always free.


Want to get listed on the most popular maps service in the world? Just the website and verify your business details and you’re up with billions of business on the Google Maps and it’s always free.Why not get listed on every maps service possible because you never know when someone is searching for you from which search engine. Get listed in Bing Search engine

Apple Maps

You can control how your business information is displayed in Apple maps.

Chrome Extensions


Too many useful metrics in just one click right inside in your browser without opening any website. How cool is that. Definitely try it out.


Get an estimate traffic of websites, source of traffic, referrals, social traffic, ads, audience, geo location of traffic and much more.


In one click you can complete analysis of website currently opened in tab to quickly understand about website, problems, best practices with suggestions to take action.

Alexa Rank

Not so relevant now a days but still to get an quick rough idea about website it can be useful but don’t depend on it.


Quickly find the tech stack of website like what CMS, programming language, JavaScript, analytics etc. solutions a website is using.

Keywords Everywhere

Best part of this extension is while doing search you can get all the search volume, cpc data right there with additional people also search for and related keywords. The keyword research process becomes much easier.


Just one click and it will check all the links of current opened tab for is there any link pointing to 404 page or not.


Get useful information like domain authority, page authority and spam score of website. Also, you can get information like follow, no-follow link of current page with all the meta tags information.

Open SEO Stats

This extension provides data from various different services at one place. You can get all the info at one glance.


Another tool for quickly check about website technologies but sometimes more additional information which other extension miss like WordPress theme and plugins right there.


Chances are you will be already using Grammarly, easily correct your grammatical mistakes or learn at the same time just double click on any text on any website to quickly get more info.

Block Yourself from Analytics

You can enable this on your own website domain to make sure whenever you are browsing your website it doesn’t get tracked in Google Analytics which can improve the quality of data you see in analytics.

Clipboard History

Most useful if you are frequently copying some text from different website. You don’t need to worry about forgetting and saving it instantly. Just copy it once and its saved to access anytime in the extension in just one click away.

Tag Assistant by Google

Find out is your Google Analytics codes is working as intended, additional tags are getting fired as you wanted or Just quickly check what your competitors are sending when someone is ing there website to learn more and be competitive.


Don’t remove and install extension every time you need it. Instead disable and enable to keep all your favorite extension ready to use within seconds also save heavy RAM usage by chrome browser.


Google Ads

Your best bet if you want to reach almost everyone on the internet. Either Search Ads or Display Network depending upon what your end goal is from ads like brand awareness, selling stuff or retargeting your users.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

After Google Ads, best place to run your ads and reach the as per there liking, choice, friends, profession and other variable to reach people accurately. Your ads can be setup in one go to run on Facebook and Instagram both.

LinkedIn Ads

Most effective for generating leads for business. Every professional and company from all types of industry is available on LinkedIn which help in quality leads generation. You can deliver ads to your audience directly into their LinkedIn Inbox which makes it much effective.

Bing Ads

After Google the next most popular search engine by Microsoft can also help you reach audience which might or might not be available on other networks.

Quora Ads

A very popular question and answers or Knowledge sharing Community you can reach to people with exactly by there intent. What they really want to know and solving there problems. Most user intent targeting is possible on Quora.

Pinterest Ads

The best place on internet to look for any type of images you are looking from Knowledge to fashion. You can reach to people with in a visually appealing way by showing ads on what they are searching for.

Twitter Ads

If something is trending on twitter it’s definitely the hot topic and people are aggressively looking for it. People spend too much time on twitter now-a-days and you can reach out to people with there liking, preference.


Don’t use ads just for increasing pageviews or your analytics metrics. Setup clear cut goal what makes this ad campaign successful. Like If I get these many people come to my website and signup or subscribe to newsletter or do something specific then measuring what went wrong or right becomes easier.

App Store Optimization

Google Play Console

If you have an android app in Google Play Store you need to use play console to check all the data related to installs, uninstalls, growth, reviews, ratings, release management and store presence.


This tool will provide all the relevant data for your android app like on which keywords your app is ranking, country any Optimization ideas and all the data is taken from play console.


Get way too much info related to your app store marketing and ranking then play console to take action optimize for better ranking on keywords. You need to connect your play console for this.

Search Man

You can study the search visibility of your app vs competitor. Track and manage keywords to optimize your app ranking for increasing downloads. Get Data Driven keyword suggestions.


Don’t buy fake downloads, reviews just to feel good. If you have 100 users or downloads and they are happy you’re doing great just keep working. Reply to all the reviews you get and ask what else they want.

Get to Know Digital Marketing Terminology.

What is Influencer Marketing?

It is form of marketing under which Brands or Companies identify people who have influence over a certain group of people in target market and conduct marketing activities around them which lead to more sales and awareness.

What is Content Marketing?

It is a form of marketing under which Brands or The most popular way for business to increase awareness about there product and helping user for there queries in the target market by providing content which leads the customer to there website, generate leads, trust & willingness to purchase in future.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is marketing of products and services using digital technologies over the internet to reach every single person using digital devices.

Things to Keep In Mind

Google doesn’t care about your DA, Alexa Rank, Trust Flow or any similar scores.
Use multiple tools but don’t follow every advise blindly thinking its quite famous tool.

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