Team Collaboration

Easy, Adaptable, Real Time

Working in Team is Fun When You have the Right Tools 🔧


Excel Sheet on Steroid

One of the awesome tools you need to try out. Database, spreadsheet, teams, Kanban, task management, custom work flow for teams and possibilities are just upto you.

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Project Management

Teams show great potential when they are on same page as others this where tools like Asana helps to get complete 360 view what's happening to be actively part of project.

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Team Collaboration

Useful for teams to work on documents, sheets and collaborate in real time without switching to other apps for more discussion everything is there which makes it super helpful. Integrations with others apps makes it much more useful.

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Minimal Project Management

What makes it standout is UI, as it follows the concept of Zen. Too many people love it for this same reasons to be simple, clear and yet everything available. Free forever for personal usage.

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Organization of Projects/Task

Chances are you must be using it already. Organizing task, projects visually is dead simple to use and one glance can give you complete overview and it's free.

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Limitless Possibilities

Changing the way you work with team on projects, documents and integrations that make things much simpler and faster. Currently in early access with all features completely free.

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Smarter roadmap prioritization

Build roadmaps based on priorities using an easy-to-use scoring system. Get everyone aligned and the right stuff done. airfocus integrates with Jira, Trello and Asana, to get you started in minutes.

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Office Communication

Where work happens as title of slack says it all, for offices, work and teams the most convenient way to discuss or chat about anything quickly and get back to work. Integrations will almost everything makes is more fun.

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Meaningful Team Communication

The main focus here is on meaningful team communication not just short text chat which happens on other apps. Chats are not just channel they are further organized into threads so you don't miss anything.

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100% Free Service

The only 100% free task management and team communication tool. Quite similar to others but not completely, if your team chat is not heavy and don't need tons of integrations then it's for you.


Microsoft OneNote

Digital Notebook

Simple to use with freedom how you want your notebooks to look with canvas size what you want. Things can look uneasy at start but if you get hang of it, you will stick to it.

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Organized Notes

Your notes and content is always organized properly. The UI, integrations, use cases are just endless. It can become your second brain for storing ideas, content. You need to upgrade to fully utilized the features.

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All-in-one Workspace

Notes, Docs, Knowledgebase, Tasks, Projects, Spreadsheets, Database you get everything at one place. You can create almost any kind of content in team collaboration to work together. Definitely tryout the free plan

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Todo Lists

Probably the the best todo list management and we personally use it daily. ToDo's are organized neatly in projects, sub-projects, template support, reminder, recurring task and one of the best feature Real Time 2-way sync with Google Calendar.

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Google Keep

Personal Todo List

Cleanest todo lists, task lists or short notes management by Google. Not for teams but one or two people working on same task list is breeze to work. Your notes can be color coded and location reminder is also present. No pricing model.

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