How To Watch Netflix With Friends In Sync Without Account Sharing

We all love Netflix and Chill. What would be even better is watching Netflix with friends or someone special even when you are miles apart from each other.

Just like we are now quarantine for months due to Pandemic. By the way, we have already written Pandemic Movies on Netflix you should watch now.

What You Need To Start Netflix Party

  • Your Awesome Friends
  • Netflix Account and log in from Laptop/Desktop Browser
  • Install Chrome Extension: Netflix Party
  • Decide Some awesome Netflix Movies/Series which everyone votes for ( I know it’s difficult )

Steps To Start Netflix Party With Friends

  • Ask all your friends to login into Netflix on a desktop or laptop with chrome browser
  • Everyone needs to Install this chrome extension: Install Netflix Party

netflix party chrome extension

  • Decide Who Wants to Select the movie for everyone. If that person is you then open the Netflix movie or series which you all want to watch.
  • When It starts paying click on the NP icon on your Chrome Extension Bar Just Like below

netflix player

Click on Start the Party and If you only want to have to control not everyone then also tick “Only I have control


You can receive an URL something like below

how to start netflix party

Copy the URL and share it with every friend and Now Your Netflix Party with friends is started.

Skip Around, Chat and Enjoy!

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Which movie you will watch with your friends?

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