Pandemic Movies on Netflix You Should Watch Now

Right now the whole world is under lockdown due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), people are working from home and some people are feeling bored as they don’t have something to do.

Here are some great movies on Pandemic available on Netflix you can watch to get the true sense of how a Pandemic can stop the whole world.

Note: Movies mentioned here may or may not be available in your, you can only access those movies on Netflix with a Netflix friendly VPN.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

IMDb Rating 6.3 | WatchPandemic on Netflix

Type: Documentary | Total Episodes: 6 | Length:  Avg. 40-50 Min/Episode


See the battle against influenza (A common viral infection that can be deadly, especially in high-risk groups.) and Bird-Flu. The next pandemic can happen just anytime the question is are we ready? Find out how to prevent an outbreak that happened in the past with facts and figures.

Just like we are facing COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic right now. This is not the end there could be more it just we don’t know and what we can do is prevent and fight back better.

If you are thinking to watch movies not related to pandemic then here is What you Should watch next on Netflix.

93 Days

IMDb Rating 6.1 | Watch 93 Days on Netflix

Type: Movie| Total Episodes: 1 | Length:  2 Hour 1 Minute


True story when a patient of Ebola arrives in a hospital. How the health workers fight with the deadly virus by keeping the doors closed until they hear anything from the Word Health Organization.

Explained (This Next Pandemic)

IMDb Rating 8.0 | Watch Explained on Netflix

Type: Documentary | Total Episodes: 1 | Length:  20 Minute

Explained is a documentary series by Vox for Netflix exclusive. Vox is also available on Youtube with more awesome content as well.

In episode 4 of Explained Series i.e The Next Pandemic which goes through the history of the pandemic, what causes a pandemic and most important what could be done to contains them in near future. You can also hear Bill Gates on this topic. A very short and simple but insightful episode you can watch quickly.

Doomsday Preppers

IMDb Rating  6.1 |Watch Doomsday Preppers on Netflix

Type: Reality TV |  Total Episodes: 18 | Length:  45 Min/Episode

Different families prepare themselves for attacks which can lead to the end of the world. Some families prepare for nuclear attack and the other one prepares for F5 tornadoes attack. See what goes in the preparation if something like this happens. Are you prepared?


IMDb Rating 6.2 | Watch Inferno on Netflix

Type: Movie |  Total Episodes: 1 | Length:  2 Hour 1 Minute

Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with memory loss, a Harvard symbologist. He must decipher clues to stop the plague which can eradicate the entire population. He is on the run watching how and what he does to stop it.

Black Mirror

IMDb Rating 8.1 | Watch: Black Mirror on Netflix

Type: Sci-Fi, TV Show| Total Seasons: 5 | Length:  Avg 60 Min/Episode

See how the future of high tech future of humanity looks like. It’s not actually a pandemic but the reason we included is you can see how things can become advance if that happens you can guess preventing the pandemic would be completely different from what happens right now. You could track each and every person just in time from anywhere. It’s mind bleeding as well as chilling web series you should definitely watch.

12 Monkeys (1995)

IMDb Rating 8.0 | Watch: 12 Monkeys on Netflix

Type: Sci-Fi,Thriller | Total Episodes: 1 | Length: 2 Hour 9 Minute

The movie is set in the future (The year 2035) where the world is devastated by a pandemic that wiped most of the human population from the earth, to know the origin about the virus a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus.


IMDb Rating 6.6 | Watch: OutBreak on Netflix

Type: Action,Thriller | Total Episodes: 1 | Length: 2 Hour 8 Minute


When in a small town infectious disease came through African monkey, team of army doctors raced against time to find the cure of the disease and make an antidote to stop the spread of the outbreak.

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We, humans, are not immortals, when we break the balance of our ecosystems nature has its own way to balance it. After watching these Pandemic movies on Netflix you will feel how bad a Pandemic can go.

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