How To Reverse Image Search – on Desktop & Mobile

How many time it happens you found an image on social media and want to know more about it but you don’t know where to check, in that case, you upload the image to search instead of typing your search query.

There can be me many reasons to do a reverse image search like

  • Get the original source of an image, (origin of image)
  • Search for a quality version of that image or similar images,
  • You receive a cropped image and want to get the full uncropped version,
  • Want to know more about the creator of that image to check his other work (wallpapers and artwork),
  • Check any suspicious image that is circulated on social media (usually old viral images),

Let’s get to the point,

how you can reverse image search, to help you with that most of the search engine provides you an option to search by uploading an image, so it’s a just matter of choice on which platform you want to search,

Ways to Perform Reverse Image Search

Search on Google

On desktop just visit,


drag and drop image on the page to search with image,

you can tap the camera icon near search icon to select the image using file picker or paste the image URL directly.

Reverse image search on google

Google Image search options and Search page result

On mobile things got little tricky as Google doesn’t show a camera icon to pick an image from the gallery (why Google? ?)


to get that option your mobile you need to use select “Desktop Site” option from the menu after that you can tap the camera icon to select an image from gallery or directly take an image using the camera.

reverse image search on mobile

Chrome Request Desktop Site

Update: Now use Google Lens on Android Chrome (ver 78.0.3904.96 and above)

To use Google lens you need to be in Google Image Search, after tapping any image you can see Google Lens icon on left to share icon,

by using Google lens in Chrome you can get more accurate result because you can always select the area of the image you are interested so search result will be based on that selection.

google lense search

If you want Google Lens to be available on right-click on any image while you are on any third party website then you need to enable a Chrome flag just visit Chrome://flags and search Google Lens after that enable “Google Lens powered image search in the context menu.” and relaunch the chrome.

google lense enable

You can always use Google Photos to reverse image search on local images.

Search on Bing

You can similarly search on Bing just visit

drag and drop an image on the page or tap the camera icon and select the image from a folder or paste the URL of an image to search,

bing reverse image search option

Options on Bing Image Search

what’s best in Bing is that Bing provides you option visual search with part of image selected means when image has many objects in it but you are interested in any specific part of image, in that case, you can just tap the visual search option and select the area Bing will search for that particular part of image.

bing image search page

Reverse Image Search Results

At the same time, Bing does not require any trickery when you are on mobile to search with image, you can directly take an image and search on mobile from Bing search page.

Bing Visual search on Mobile

Bing Image Search options on Mobile


Image Search by SmallSEOTools

Quick mention to a very helpful Image Search tool. If you don’t want to do the above process on each search engine you can use this tool.

Instead of visiting every search engine and uploading your image individually, you can use this tool as it will provide similar picture results in accordance with Google, Bing, and Yandex(which we have described below). It will save you a lot of time as the results will be in front of you in a single upload. There are no costs associated with using the reverse image search, and you can perform as many searches as you want.

Search on Yandex

For image search visit

I didn’t have any expectation from Yandex but oh boy, Yandex has one feature that others lacked and that is a great feature,

Yandex creates a list of direct links to all the different sized images found on the search page, so you can just click and download the higher quality in just a few clicks.

Yandex image search

Yandex Reverse Image Search Result

And searching on Yandex with an image is the same process and it works on Mobile too.

Yandex on mobile image search

Yandex image search page on mobile


Tineye is specialized in image search and recognition, they offer multiple products to make images searchable. You can use Tineye for reverse image search, just upload the image or past the image URL to search image in their billions of images database.

Best part is that you get few more options here like sort search result by Best match (default), Most changed, Biggest image, Newest, Oldest to get the best possible results on top, for instance when you are fact-checking any viral image, sorting by oldest may give you better idea when that image first appeared on web.

Tineye image search


To make it clear for you, you can use any of these options for reverse image search but most of the time you will be happy with Google and Tineye, but in case if you want the image in different sizes than search on Yandex, search on Bing using visual search if interested in part of an image.
If you know any other service/website that offers option to search with image let us know in the comments sections.


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