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  • Google Chrome Send this page

    Google Chrome new feature lets you Send Pages to Your Devices

    While you are browsing on your computer and you need to share that article or page URL to your phone it can take several steps to do that. But now Google Chrome has introduced a new feature “Send this page” which helps you share exact same URL to your Mobile phone connected with same Google […] More

  • Reverse image search

    How To Reverse Image Search – on Desktop & Mobile

    How many time it happens you found an image on social media and want to know more about it but you don’t know where to check, in that case, you upload the image to search instead of typing your search query. There can be me many reasons to do a reverse image search like Get […] More

  • sync bookmark across browsers

    Sync Your Bookmarks Across Browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Brave)

    Keeping Bookmark in sync across browsers whether its Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave is not a easy task. If you use multiple browsers to test something or any other purpose and want your bookmarks should always be synced between them then here is how to do it. Syncing bookmarks Google Chrome to Google Chrome works […] More

  • Most Useful Chrome flags You should be using

    Most Useful Google Chrome Flags You Should Enable

    Google Chrome undoubtedly the most used browser worldwide. Features like bookmark and password sync across PC, Laptop, Android, iOS devices is super smooth. While the experience is pretty awesome still you can enhance it by some additional settings which are inbuilt all the time in the browser just not enabled. Which can be enabled or […] More

  • Play Browser Based Games

    31 Best Browser Games To Play Anywhere

    Feeling bored in office? or it’s lunchtime want to freshen up your mood? or Just want to play some games? Here are 31 best browser games you can start playing now. The best part of these cool browser games is you don’t need to download heavy files and you can play the games anywhere within […] More

  • Productive Chrome Tips

    29 Productive Google Chrome Tips for Everyone

    In this post, we have shared some of the most useful Chrome tips which you will make your life a lot easier. Google Chrome is the most widely used browser around the world no doubts. You and I daily spent hours doing stuff, doing our office work, college work and so on. There are a […] More