Sync Your Bookmarks Across Browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Brave)

Keeping Bookmark in sync across browsers whether it’s Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave is not an easy task.

If you use multiple browsers to test something or any other purpose and want your bookmarks should always be synced between browsers then here is how to do it.

Sync Bookmarks Between Browsers using Extensions

But if you want to sync your bookmarks between cross browsers then things get a little tricky, there are many ways you can sync bookmarks like manually downloading and uploading bookmarks to other browsers or using an extension to sync bookmarks automatically.

xBrowserSync – Extension

Note: Back up your bookmarks before doing anything further.


XBrowserSync is Open Source and reliable option for cross-browser bookmark syncing,

You can always go and check the source code used by this service or If you are a dev and want to create your own server then go ahead.

XBrowserSync is much easier to set up and way faster than other options,

All you have to do is install the extension, generate the secret token select the API endpoint and enter the token. That’s it

Now all you have to do is go to the other device and enter the previously generated secret token with the correct API endpoint and your sync is set up perfectly.


Install Extension

Visit the Chrome Web Store and install the extension,

An extension is required to sync bookmarks.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Create Secret Token/Password

To Encrypt your bookmarks before syncing to third-party servers and make sure only you can access your bookmark you need to generate a strong secret password.

Don’t make it simple that anyone can guess,

Use a password generator like

to create a strong password.

Make sure to keep this password somewhere safe because if forget this then you will have to generate another one and update it on all your devices.

Setup xBrowserSync

On 1st Browser

Click on Extension and select create new a sync option

Now enter the newly-created secret password and click next and enter the password again to confirm

xbrowsersync new

Now open the extension again and click the setting icon to open the settings page.

Now Copy the Sync id (this sync id is required to sync bookmark on another browser )

xbrowsersync copi id

On 2nd Browser

Now Open a new browser where you want to sync bookmarks.

all bookmarks on the 2nd device browser will be deleted and replaced by the 1st browser bookmark so make sure to take the backup now.

Now install the extension on the new browser and click on the extension

this time select the Already got sync ID option

xbrowsersync 2nd browser

Enter the copied sync id and password and confirm the alert.

Now you have succeffully setup the xBrowserSync


If you want to change the endpoint with other endpoint then here is the list all mentioned endpoints are not official.

Only limit of this service I found is 1 MB size limit on bookmakrs which is not an issue for me, to overcome this you can use unofficial endpoint mentioned in above list.

Eversync – Extension

Note: Back up your bookmarks before doing anything further.

Install Extension

In this post, we are going to use Eversync extension that is available for Google Chrome and Firefox. So the first step is to install the extension in your browser.

Create Account and Upload Bookmark

After installing the extension you will be prompt to create an account on because this account will be used to login in extension, after login in extension visit options page of extension and click the upload button to upload your bookmarks to your everhelper account.

everhelper client page

You can check your uploaded bookmark by visiting this client page, make sure on the extension options page Enable Auto Sync option is checked.

eversync options page

Sync Bookmarks and Check Backup

Now go to other browser and install the extension and login in the extension after that go to extensions options page this time click download button if want to overwrite old bookmarks otherwise click merge to merge uploaded bookmark with existing bookmark and that’s it now bookmarks are synced between two browsers, you can manually trigger synchronisation of bookmark from extensions popup page.

eversync extension poup

You can check and restore your bookmark from backups created by extension in extensions options page > Backups tab (on server and local) and you can also check total bookmarks uploaded and if you delete any bookmark you can find in trash folder in your everhelper account.

eversync quota used

Sync Bookmarks without Extension

You can always use the methods mentioned above to sync bookmarks between your desktop browsers where extensions can be installed.

The problem occurs only when you want to sync bookmarks between desktop browser and mobile browser.

An optimal solution is to separate bookmarks on mobile from the browser and use a separate app to access your desktop bookmarks on mobile.

xBrowserSync provides an android app that you can use to sync bookmark between desktop and mobile, for iOS users you have to look for other options.

Developer: xBrowserSync
Price: Free

You can use the native option provided by browsers to sync bookmarks between their desktop and mobile browser but that will break the cross-browser bookmark sync setup that you just set above using the extension.

Bookmarks sync in Chrome

Syncing bookmarks Google Chrome to Google Chrome works pretty straight forward just sign in with your Gmail account in chrome and enable syncing of bookmarks from setting and you are done.

Bookmarks sync in Brave

Brave Browser provides its own bookmarks sync option that doesn’t require you to sign in anywhere and here is how to set up brave sync step by step instructions.

Bookmarks sync in Firfox

You need a Firefox account to sync your bookmarks,

Once the account is created you can use that credentials to log in to your account on Firefox on a mobile browser

then go to Settings > Turn on Sync to enable sync of bookmarks,

for detailed instruction visit setup Firefox bookmarks sync


Now you don’t have to worry about bookmarks whether it’s the office or home you can sync your bookmarks between cross browsers easily.

If you have any questions you can ask us in the comments section below I will try to help you or you can post a question on our community.

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