Best Video Editing Software to Try In 2024

The best free video editing software allows you to combine home recordings, create a compelling video presentation, or create professional-looking videos without breaking the bank.

Our selection focuses on the most adaptable video editing software we could discover.

While each user’s requirements are different, this guide will give you a decent idea of what to anticipate from each movie editor and how to get the most out of it.

Why You Will Need Video Editing Software

Videos aid in the growth of traffic and sales, the reduction of support requests, and the better understanding of our goods and services by users.

Many people have turned to video editing as a pastime or a vocation. As a consequence, there are several free and paid programs available.


If you operate in the field of videography or want to embed video to your website, you’ll need the greatest video editing software.

They make video editing a seamless, efficient, and possibly even joyful experience by providing time-saving features and an interface that suits your specific workflow. There is an editor out there for you.

Finding free video editing software that meets your requirements might be difficult.

Naturally, you’ll want the greatest technology to go along with the best video editing software. So be sure to check out our recommendations for the finest video editing displays, laptops, and tablets.

However, making and editing videos isn’t as straightforward as writing a blog post or tweet. It isn’t always inexpensive, either!


A compelling video may assist fuel your brand’s success in a world driven by visual material. However, without the aid of a video editing tool, outstanding video material is impossible to create.

For the starry-eyed entrepreneur, this is fantastic news. We’ve put up a list of the finest video editing software for Windows that you can download for free to help you filter through all of your choices.

Let’s get this party started. Here are our top five recommendations for video editing software and tools.

Top 5 Video Editing Tools

Are you unfamiliar with the subject?

Don’t know how to edit videos, don’t have access to a video studio, or can’t find a qualified video editor to film and edit your features?

It’s just fine! The purpose of today’s article is to show you that with the correct video editing software. You, too, can produce slick, professional video content and also keep your content strategy current.

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator has all of the features of the other top-of-the-line products on this list, including an Animated toolkit- Anireel and an HD video support, but it also has the distinction of being the video editing software to offer transition, caption, annotation, overlays, stickers and a modest selection of royalty-free video effect stock, all included in the design, which is straightforward to use.

DemoCreator is one of the most versatile video editing software packages available,

Beginners may get a head start using the editor’s various templates.

WS DemoCreator is an easy video editor which enables you to make fun, professional edits by just dragging and dropping clips, picking a theme, and selecting music.



Caption: You may add titles to your videos to make them stand out.

Subtitle: You may also add subtitles to your recorded video footage to help viewers comprehend what’s going on.

Sticker: Stickers in your films may make them more interesting and appealing to viewers, allowing them to enjoy and comprehend the content better.

Annotation: The Wondershare DemoCreator video editor comes with a variety of built-in figures and objects for your recorded video footage.

Effect of the transition: Within your timeline, you may add as many transitions as you like to your video clips.

Text in motion: You may create a variety of wonderful animated text effects that will transform your footage into a magnificent and professional video that everyone will enjoy watching.

Effects Packs for Video: For Festivals, Games, Education, Creativity, and Business, you may apply as many effects as you like to your films, resulting in a magnificent video output that your audience will love. Go right to the Effects menu in the program interface to access the effects library.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements is on the list primarily because it has long been regarded as a market leader in the field of video editing.

Other programs have improved in speed and functionality since Premiere Elements was first released for us to consider it among the best. That isn’t to say that Premiere Elements isn’t easy to use, especially for newbies.

Premiere Elements have all of the capabilities you’d expect from a top-tier product—motion tracking, 360-degree VR compatibility, 4K support, multi-cam, and so on—but it’s also one of the fastest rendering products on the market.

Premiere Elements is a pared-down version of Premiere Pro. As a result, it is less expensive and simpler to learn.

It’s still a powerful machine, with high-end capabilities like facial identification, audio effects, and pre-installed soundtracks. While Premiere Elements falls behind the competition in terms of speed, 3D editing, multi-cam, and other sophisticated capabilities, it’s still an excellent alternative for beginners seeking a full library of effects and some direction on how to use them.

Premiere Elements’ interface is still as user-friendly and straightforward as any on our list, despite all of its capabilities. Thus, if you want speed and are willing to pay a premium for it, Premiere may be the option for you. Adobe Premiere’s Guided Tweaks function makes it an especially appealing alternative for novices since it lets users tackle both simple edits and difficult projects with the software’s aid.

Key Features:

  •  There are a plethora of features, settings, and plugins that may be customized;
  •  The user interface is very user-friendly;
  •  Ability to save a completed project in any of the available formats.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora from Wondershare is a good video editing tool for beginners or aficionados. It selects highlights from your film using AI algorithms and makes the movie for you automatically.

The new Cloud Files function is also noteworthy since it enables you to synchronize numerous files and utilize them across programs. It offers a simple, straightforward UI that anybody with any degree of expertise may use.

Video effects, green screen, keyframing, motion tracking, colour grading, speed control, and other video editing functions are included. There are a plethora of useful built-in titles, effects, and filters intended specifically for YouTubers and other video creators, as well as a collection of royalty-free sound effects and music to add impact to your films.


Filmora is such a powerful video editor that it may make you think you’re editing your films on your PC.

It has a variety of video editing tools, including trim/split, ratio/crop, speed control, reverse, voice-over, audio mixer, and picture-in-picture, in addition to the standard features like themes, text, and transitions.

It’s incredible that Filmora is free and doesn’t impose any restrictions on the duration of your films. Filmora has a free edition, however, all of your movies will be watermarked.

You may get rid of it by signing up for an annual plan or paying a one-time charge for a Lifetime plan. A Limitless package, on the other hand, allows unlimited downloads from a stock library as well as new effects every month. You may even record your media from within the program.

wondershare filmora

Key Features:

  •  The menu that can be changed
  •  A large number of filtering and altering options
  •  Return to any level of editing at any stage
  •  All manual procedures for user requests will be automated
  •  Configuration across many displays is possible.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus is an excellent alternative if you need a video editing tool for dynamic films, such as sports footage, music videos, and fast-paced videos in general.

Movavi is also popular with reviewers since it supports a broad range of video formats. Movavi Video Editor Plus is a video and audio editing program that focuses on podcast and screen recording editing.

This program is great for quick video productions. Its developers recommend a three-step procedure: Record your screen then add a few of the effects and distribute.

Movavi Video Editor Plus may be all you need if all you want to do is polish your videos. Its editing capabilities are limited, so if you want to create highlight reels or evaluate big quantities of material, you’ll be better off with something else.

movavi video editor

Key Features:

  •  The feature that works across several platforms;
  •  video processing in three dimensions;
  •  Support for multiple channels;
  •  Editing and cropping the timeline is possible.


Camtasia is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor that is simple to use to capture educational, product demo, training video on Windows and Mac.

You can start your video project with a template and add effects. The most attractive point is that Camtasia is embedded in PowerPoint.

For basic editing, Camtasia has a simple drag and drag editor that make cutting, trimming and removing section to video and audio easily a breeze.

For cursor path, Camtasia can magnify, spotlight or smooth the motion of the cursor to create a polished look to videos. Adding a caption may be a common demand for an explainer video.


Key Features:

  •  PowerPoint integration
  •  Cursor FX and path editing
  •  Pre-Built assets
  •  Pre-made animations


You’ll find the proper tool for your requirements here, whether you’re a professional working on movies and streaming video, as a YouTuber trying to make your footage sing, or simply an eager smartphone user attempting to make your vacation films appear sleek. These video editors allow you to quickly produce any form of professional video or movie with a variety of visual and audio effects, such as filters, transitions, overlays, custom subtitles, and more.

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