What is My Screen Resolution

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered from time to time what your screen resolution is.

And if you’re not like me and have never given it a thought, well now’s as good a time as any!

Screen resolutions can be a bit confusing, so I’m going to try to break it down for you.

So what exactly is the screen resolution?

In basic terms, it’s the number of dots or pixels that make up the image on your screen. The higher the resolution, the more detailed and sharper the image will be.

Most computers these days come with a default resolution of 1920×1080, but you can change it to whatever you want. To find out your current resolution, go into your computer settings and look for something along the lines of display or graphics. You should see your current resolution listed there!

Screen Resolution
Browser Width/Height d
Browser avail Width/Height d
Browser inner Width/Height d
Browser outer Width/Height d
Device Pixel Ratio d
Orientation d

How To Use Screen Resolution tool

Open this webpage on the device on which you want to know the screen resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Screen Resolution

What is My Screen Resolution?

By opening this page you will get to know your current screen resolution with some additional info also.

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What is My Screen Resolution?

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