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Find the direct download link of any file from the server, you don’t need to jump around multiple pages to find the download link.

Type any :

“Movie name”

“Song name”

“Document name”

Why Direct Download link Finder

It’s Easy

Just enter your desired file name and search bar and select file type from the dropdown that’s it.
Give it a try to find yourself.

No Ads

You don’t have to visit any website that are filled with aggressive popups and dirty Ads.

Just a Google Search

This search tool just helps you find open directories, there is nothing complex thing going on here, It’s just an Actual Search on Google.

How to Use

All you have to do is
1.Select File Type you are looking from dropdown,
2. Enter your search query and click the search button.

Looking for the latest movie to download but hate opening websites that are filled will tons of ads but without any working link is heartbreaking and time-consuming. Using this search form you can easily find direct download links of any sort of file like movie, audio, windows utilities, Android apps in Google Search.

How Find Direct Download Link Works

Google search is the most visited website and number 1 search engine in the world.
Every day people search billions of questions to Google and around 50% of search result pages are closed without a single click.

This tool uses Advanced Google Search Operators to narrow down the search results based on what you like,

Specifically it uses following search operators to get direct download links

  • inurl
  • intitle

You can read more about advance google search operators here.

You can also advance search on YouTube see more about advanced search on YouTube.

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