Best Minecraft seeds (Java Edition) – All Versions

Players in Minecraft always looking for good places to build their bases and enjoy the game.

Minecraft’s world is so so big that every now and then players find unique, weird and fun places in Minecraft that are fun to see. Like a library right in the middle of the ocean.

What are Minecraft seeds?

TL;DR: Minecraft seeds are basically a set of random values that define the start of a Minecraft world.

A Minecraft seed refers to the way you spawn into a Minecraft world. Seeds are not random. In fact, there are a limited number(even that is huge) of Minecraft seeds that can possibly be generated.

There is an estimated 18 QUINTILLION (2^64) possible seeds in Minecraft.


Seeds can be used to share a Minecraft world. Otherwise, they can be used to find a world that has a specific property, such as animals or trees. Seeds can also be used to locate specific features of a world, such as the position of a mountain or a village.

In Minecraft seeds you are the creator of your world, you can choose any combination of blocks that you like to create anything you can imagine. These combinations of blocks have been referred to as Minecraft seeds.

How do you get Minecraft seeds?

Minecraft seeds are a combination of numbers and letters. The numbers and letters that make up a Minecraft seed are called an ‘ID’. Each Minecraft seed will only generate one world. If you change any number or letter in the combination the Minecraft seed will no longer be the same.

For instance here is an example of Survival Island Seed: Seed: 2622795609673772012 (Version 1.19)

What is Biome in Minecraft

A Minecraft biome is an area with different kinds of Minecraft blocks: Oak leaves, Oak trees, stone and grass, for example. The biome determines the kind of blocks you will find in that area. It also determines the kinds of mobs that will spawn in that area. Some biomes contain no mobs at all. Biomes don’t always have to look a certain way. The plains biome can be a flat grassland, a colourful flower field, or even a snowy tundra!


Current Biomes in Minecraft

Plains, Forests, Jungles, Mountains, Deserts, Taiga, Snowry tundra, Ice Spikes, Swamps, Savannahs, Badlands, Beaches, Stone Shores, Rivers, Oceans, Mushroom Islands, The Nether, The End.

Detailed info can be found on the official site here

What are Different Minecraft Versions

  • Java Edition
  • Bedrock Edition.
  • Education Edition

Java Edition is only available on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Bedrock Edition on Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Fire OS/TV, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Samsung Gear VR

Java and Bedrock players can’t play together – so make sure to ask your friends which version they have.

Note: In Coordinates ~ (tilde) means relative to spawn position.

List of Best Minecraft seeds

Here you have some of the best Minecraft seeds to start your game. All of the seeds are for the Minecraft java edition. This contains a variety of seeds to start your adventure that including multiple islands, mountains, ice mountains, and ocean-based seeds.

Seeds mentioned here are a labour of love of players around the world who play this game religiously and share these awesome-looking seeds with everyone to enjoy.

Spawn on Survival Island with 3 Villages!

Big island with 3 villages that is perfect you want to build an island city,

You get a great starting point for your city.

If you look around you will also find a shipwreck too.🚒

spawn on survival island
  • Seed: -4060839488929676108
  • Works in Version: Java 1.16 to 1.17
  • Biome:

If you need a big island with villages: -3318953131599230111

Mushroom Island

Spawn on a mushroom island in a small ocean surrounded by all other biome types.

This seed has a Double witch hut at 170,1460

also, you can enjoy the ocean monument of the cost of the mushroom island at (152,360) and you will find a small coral reef, jungle and a lot more things to explore.

mushroom island
  • Seed: 1083719637794
  • Works in Java versions 1.12+
  • Biome: All Types of Biome
  • Coordinates:

Exposed Stronghold Library in the Ocean

The pretty unique-looking seed looks like a floating library on ocean, don’t worry you get a little island near the library to set up your base,

But if you want to build a proper base you will need to head to the mushroom island for that.

You get an underground stronghold too and nearby you can see a mushroom island also.

exposed stronghold library in the ocean
  • Seed: -4184000969893959047
  • Works in Java 1.16 to 1.17
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: 1840 60 978

Plains with Village and Mountains fully surrounded in Mesa! 

In this seed, you get plenty of space to show your creativity and build your base as you like,

The seed has jungle, mesa, ice, plains with villages and mountains and more to explorer.

plains with village and mountains fully surrounded in mesa
  • Seed: 2891592435749621609
  • Works in Java 1.16+
  • Biome: Plains, Village, Mountains
  • Coordinates: -600 ~ 400

Incredible Island

At first look, you might feel like someone desperately make it like that to look like a level from any other game.

Here you get jungle, mushroom island and shipwreck also.

incredible island
  • Seed: 4911456868624593362
  • Works in Java 1.16+
  • Biome: Island, Jungle, Mushroom, Bryce
  • Coordinates:

Village, Ruined Portal, and Mineshaft

Seed is beautiful you can explore it find more valuable resources,

With this seed, you get a village perfectly placed village around 300 blocks away at coordinate -368 ~ 160.

You get blacksmith, mineshaft (-352 ~ 112), ruined portal to start with.

village ruined portal and mineshaft
  • Seed: -9148338033768616426
  • Works in Java 1.16.5+
  • Biome: Village,
  • Coordinates: -368 ~ 160

Mansion with Village, Landlocked Mushroom Island

This seed is very resourceful and exotic.

You get access to Mansion from the start, and near jungle and mountain also make it look more beautiful.

mansion with village landlocked mushroom island
  • Seed: 6200893858411928858
  • Works in Java 1.16+
  • Biome: Variety of Biome, Village, Mushroom, Island, Ocean etc
  • Coordinates: 117,7 224,0 3,1

House merged with a Desert Temple

This seed gives you a pretty unique setup where a house and desert temple is perfectly merged with each other.

You get some good loot from this like Enchant Golden Apple, Golden Apple, 3 Iron Ingots.

house merged with a desert temple
  • Seed:  -2658390636751341548
  • Works in Java 1.16.5+
  • Biome: Desert, Temple
  • Coordinates: -918, 65, -1895

Village with 4 Blacksmiths

You not only get 4 Blacksmiths but also some pretty decent loot also not at spawn though.

You have to do some exploration, you will find 10 diamonds, 2 saddles, and 4 irons swords.

Other players may have found more loots that’s up to you to do.

village with 4 blacksmiths
  • Seed: -1835563052070074250
  • Works in Java 1.16.3
  • Biome: Village, Grass,
  • Coordinates: -4500, 800

Village Island with Church on a Flower Forest Hill

You need someone to worship you got it, in this seed you get an island with church on the top.

It’s a great seed to build an island city.

village island with church on a flower forest hill
  • Seed: -7448390833716662328
  • Works in Java 1.16+
  • Biome: Village, Island, Flower
  • Coordinates:

Mega Taiga Village Island

Here is a simple seed that gives you an island surrounded by warm ocean. You get a pretty island to start your city.

mega taiga village island
  • Seed: 2233925107525774881
  • Works in Java 1.16+
  • Biome: Taiga
  • Coordinates:

Fortress Leading Through Bastion

This is one of the most unique seeds on this list.

Overworld is so nice, you get a woodland mansion, two desert temples, 3 diamonds, pillager village and much more to start a perfect base.

fortress leading through bastion
  • Seed: 5217563510684330898
  • Works in Java 1.16.5+
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: approx 100 blocks Nether from 0, 0

Most Photogenic Natural Mountains

This island looks so good, isn’t it?

You have access to the jungle, mountains and flower island but they are not sided by side, you have to do some travelling. shipwreck is also can be found in this seed.

most photogenic natural mountains
  • Seed: -5432759467811029034
  • Works in Java 1.16+
  • Biome: Mountains, Water, Trees
  • Coordinates: The spawn is on the flower island.

Mansion Engulfed by Terrain

The mansion is totally hidden in the terrain around it,

There is also an overworld stronghold for you to explore and make your base near it.

All you have to do is make walls around your base and start mining.

mansion engulfed by terrain
  • Seed: -5361535356384555496
  • Works in Java 1.16.5+
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: -970 -1120

Jungle with Desert Temple

Have you seen a Desert Temple and Jungle Temple placed side by side? Now you do.

These temples make this seed one of the unique seeds, If you love jungle and temples this is the seed for you.

jungle with desert temple

Seed: -6189916168549369970

Works in Java 1.16.4/5

Biome: Temple, Jungle


Temple has fortune III book At 0,0

Ice Spikes

Looking for a cold place full of snow and with a stronghold too then I found a seed for you, In this seed, you get an overworld stronghold with access from the topside.

ice spikes
  • Seed: -7644053663894922137
  • Works in Java 1.16 to 1.17
  • Biome: Ice
  • Coordinates: 452 53 -1452

Monument in Mini-Ocean/Lake completely surrounded by Badlands!

You get an area full of badland (mesa). Be prepared you might get fatigued from mining in this world.

monument in mini ocean
  • Seed:  6106940150691661575
  • Works in Java 1.16 to 1.17
  • Biome: Badlands

Savannah Mountain in the Middle of a Desert

Minecraft sometimes gives places that are hard to believe that can exist. This savannah mountain is right in the middle of the desert. In the southeast of the mountain, you will find jungle and mesa near it.

savannah mountain in the middle of a desert
  • Seed: -676569119515363
  • Works in Java 1.12 – 1.16
  • Biome: Desert, Savannah
  • Coordinates: X: -300 Z: -100

Blacksmith Village

One of the beautiful seeds to play on, You get a blacksmith and ruined portal to start with.

A lot of places are available to build a larger base.

blacksmith village
  • Seed: -938285885
  • Works in Java 1.16.5
  • Biome: Village, Grass
  • Ruined Portal at Spawn Seed

Cannabis with amplified world

Ever tried the amplified world, You get some high elevated structures in your seed.

In this seed you start with a broken portal and chest, in the chest you get quite a good loot to start with.

cannabis with amplified world
  • Seed: [cannabis]
  • Works in Java 1.16.5
  • Biome:
  • Near spawn point, there’s this broken portal with a chest that contains this:
    – Golden Helmet (Mending)
    – Golden Pickaxe (Efficiency III)
    – Golden Axe (Fortune III)
    – Golden Horse Armor
    – 4 Glistering Melon Slice
    – Golden pressure plate
    – Golden Pickaxe (Curse of Vanishing)
    – Fire charger

Mansion with Outpost and Village

mansion with outpost and village
  • Seed: 3783544804734370709
  • Works in Java 1.17.1
  • Biome: Mansion, Outpost

Seeds in this list are regularly updated with new seeds.

What next

Now share seeds you like with your friends and create your awesome bases and setups if you find it helpful do share this post. Your friends also deserve cool and fun Minecraft seeds.

Keep this post bookmarked I will be publishing the Minecraft seeds list for the bedrock edition also soon.

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