Best BedRock Minecraft Seeds – All Versions

If you are looking for a bedrock Minecraft seed to start your base then here are some of the best bedrock seeds shared by other Minecraft players you start with.

Just make sure to look for the version details also, some seeds only work with specific Minecraft versions like 1.16 and 1.19.

Best BedRock Minecraft seeds

Here is the list of some of the selected Minecraft seeds.

Triple Dungeon Seed

This seed is awesome but also spooky,

Zombie, Skeleton, and Spider spawn from left to right from the position of spawners position,


You get also 5 loot chests in the village and dungeon which will make the game delight to start.

You can make a very good farm out of available resources in Minecraft.

triple dungeon bedrock seed
  • Seed: 1911516739
  • Minecraft Version 1.16
  • Biome: basic plains, nearby mountains
  • Coordinates: -38 55 -211

Rivers Intersecting

This is a very wonderful-looking seed that looks like 6 rivers start or you can say squid dancing.🦑

Seed is perfect for building a spectacular bridge and fort, this is a builder’s dream come true type of seed.

You can see dark forest 500 blocks to the west (-500).

rivers intersecting bedrock
  • Seed: -837628466
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome: jungle, river
  • Coordinates: at spawn
  • Java Seed similar to this seed: 3457338830


Double Skeleton Spawner (no image)

  • Seed: -418935247
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome: 
  • Coordinates: Spawner 1: -286, -19, 207, Spawner 2: -294, -13, 215


Desert Temple on Hill

You will find a few villages near the hill and another desert temple near the sand hill.

The seed also has some rare biome, 2 villages, 2 hills, river.

desert temple on hill bedrock
  • Seed: 8808310668496946310
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: -308,116, 600 and -337,117,612

Snowy Mountains with natural craters

You don’t have to travel a lot, most of the things are available at spawn.

To be fair this seed looks like Top Gun 2’s secret enemy base mission.

snowy mountains with craters bedrock
  • Seed: -1895683299
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: Everything at Spawn

Huge Mushroom Island

huge mushroom bedrock
  • Seed: -100
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: Z -2012.1 X 2,900 Y 60

Strang Desert Village

On this seed, you get a rare biome, jungle, ocean, and tiny mushroom island.

Plenty of resources to build any type of base you want.

strang desert village bedrock
  • Seed: -8986688615052270405
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome: jungle, rare biome, ocean, jungle
  • Coordinates: 80, 150


More Mushrooms

In Minecraft players love mushrooms because of their importance in the game. In this seed, you get plenty of seeds actually a full island of mushrooms. 🍄

more mushrooms bedrock
  • Seed: -1357153218227703745
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome: Island, Coast, Temple
  • Coordinates: 197, 432, -471 and 58,77,359

Some players confirmed it also works on the java edition of Minecraft also.

Desert Temple surrounded by Water and Reef

Desert temple completely surrounded by water gives a totally awesome look,

The only downside of this seed is temple is quite far from spawn, 5930 blocks away.

desert temple water bedrock
  • Seed: 2968230290716380830
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: -5930, 66, 1762

Spruce Taiga Completely Surrounded by Picturesque Jagged Peaks

This seed looks magical and completely surrounded by frozen biomes.

You will find the broken portal at the mentioned coordinate,

If you are looking for adventure then this seed is for you because you get beautiful seed where spruce trees and a lake is present with a broken portal, also you get access to a blacksmith near in village coordinates mentioned below.

spruce taiga peaks bedrock
  • Seed: -6751784342483822610
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome: Spruce Taiga, other Frozen biomes
  • Coordinates: x-290 y76 z-1900(Double blacksmith village) ,
  • x10 y63 z-2370 (Ruined portal)


You may feel this seed number is just a randomly entered number because of its number.🤣 But it’s not.

If are you planning to start a base near any mention, then this bedrock seed is for you to start a base at the mansion. More details are not available why you try out and tell us.

mansion bedrock
  • Seed: 78474747474646
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: 600 Blocks from Spawn

Cursed Village

If you like challenges then this seed is for you to start with,

some parts of the village land and plants are cursed so you have to be in survival mode from start.

You can also have access to a broken portal that will make it easier to travel around.

cursed village bedrock
  • Seed: 7219899769
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates: 312 64 -952

Giant mountains

Such a beautiful bedrock seed that gives a wonderful starting point,

You have access to giant snowy mountains with tress and mountain only covered in snow,

Nearby there is village on hill with easy access to water.

Ad yes get mushrooms island too but mushroom island is far from important areas.

giant mountain bedrock
  • Seed: 750596228
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome:
  • Coordinates
    • All 3 mountains: -2500, 2500
    • Big Village: -4750, 2800
    • Mushroom Island: 730, -200
    • Mountain Range with a village: -900, 1200

Badlands with Savannah

Probably one of the unique seeds in the list, on the mentioned coordinates you will find an island that has almost 10 types of biomes on a single island.

You have badlands, forests, deserts, and plains side by side.

Great place to start a base and harvest resources.

badlands savannah bedrock
  • Seed: 8274595549987243578
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome: Stony Shore, River, Desert, Badlands, Eroded Badlands. Savanna, Jungle, Sparse Jungle, Beach, and Plains.
  • Coordinates: -2492, 165, 655

SKY Tower

Build a base around a sky tower that will give your base a unique look and feel,

If you look around you will find more resources to make your dream base here.

sky tower bedrock
  • Seed: -6415802720268955362
  • Works in BedRock
  • Biome: forest, taiga, cold ocean, river, swamp
  • Coordinates: -2458, 204, -2032

Seeds in this list are regularly updated with new seeds.


I hope you found a wonderful bedrock seed for your Minecraft game.

These seeds are unique and very resourceful too.

do let me know your favourite seeds on social media.

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