How To Get Karma On Reddit

Reddit is the biggest niche-based community on the internet, and people use each other’s knowledge and experience to learn new things. Getting a lot of Karma on Reddit points means you know a lot about the subject and have been very helpful to the community.

But one of the benefits of getting more Karma on Reddit is that you can post as often as you want. This is in addition to the pride that comes with being a helpful person that everyone wants to listen to.

You can only make a certain number of posts in a row if you’re new to Reddit. When you need help, this can be annoying. You can use Karma on Reddit to make interesting content and connect with other people on Reddit to improve your online presence and reputation. This can lead to new networking and working together opportunities.

Reddit usernames may not be entirely anonymous, but there’s a proven method to gain recognition and build trust within the Reddit community. It’s known as ‘Karma’ on Reddit, and we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it is and how to earn it effectively.

How to Get Karma on Reddit Fast

Are you looking for the best way to get more karma on Reddit? For regular users, these are the best ways to do it:


Share Valuable Content

On Reddit, you can get a lot of upvotes by posting content that people want to read. Writing more text posts is one way to do that. Text posts, which used to be called “self-posts,” make up 65% of Reddit’s content. You can be sure to get upvotes by posting videos, GIFS, and memes, but the real test on Reddit is to creatively explain a process in a long, interesting text.

At first, people will think you know a lot about the subject. You could, however, come up with your unique way of writing that will make you stand out from most people on Reddit. If writing on Reddit is too much for you, but you still want to be active, try browsing in pictures. To do this, look at funny and interesting pictures and write short, snarky comments on them.

Write Interesting things

You can get upvotes on Reddit by posting high-quality content that people want to read all the time. If you want to get better at posting on social media, try using catchy titles that make people want to click, high-quality images like photos, videos, and gifs that look good, and trying to connect with your audience in a real way.

Engage in Discussions

It’s polite to answer someone who comments on your Reddit post, even if it’s just to say “thank you.” this can help you get along with the commenter better and make it more likely that they will vote for you again in the future.

Know when the most people are online to post

On Sundays, the busiest time to post is from 6 to 8 AM Eastern Time. This is Reddit’s busiest, and it gives you the best chance of reaching more people and making your posts more visible.


Reddit has users from all over the world, so this window is made up of the peak times of different countries that overlap.

Post Your Questions in Subreddit

r/AskReddit is a public Q&A site where anyone can post a question. It’s possible to ask experts specific questions, like what the right way to squat is, or general questions, like what a good podcast is to listen to. You get more comment Karma on Reddit when you ask good questions that get a lot of answers, upvotes, and interaction from other commenters.

Comment on viral posts

You’ll stay at the top of the comment train if you’re the first person to comment on a post. You can also expect a lot of upvotes if your comment is interesting. In the same way, people will vote for your comment if they think the original post is interesting.

As a general rule, set up alerts for new posts in a subreddit so you don’t miss the comments at the top. To get started, Google is the best way to set up alerts and automate Reddit. Fewer people will vote for you if your comment gets lost in the crowd. To avoid this, comment on posts before anyone else does when you know they’re going to go viral.

If you do this all the time, you’ll probably get too many alerts to keep track of. Look through your Reddit history to find links you’ve visited and write comments that will get you upvotes so you don’t miss out on the karma juice.

Post in Popular Subreddits

One of the busiest subreddits on Reddit is r/FreeKarma4You, which is all about trading Karma on Reddit. People here will automatically like anything you post, with the unspoken expectation that you will do the same for them.

A lot of people agree to approve any comments made on their posts. This gives them Karma on Reddit for both the post and the comment.

Make posts during Reddit’s busiest times

Creating new posts from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Because that’s peak time in many time zones, Eastern Time can help you get more karma.

But this isn’t the only way to get engaged. During these times, you may get a lot of downvotes if your post isn’t interesting. In other words, it works both ways.

Get a good mix of big and small subreddits

It’s easy to focus only on niche communities on Reddit because it’s all about niches, but ignoring larger subreddits like r/funny or r/todayilearned can limit your reach and impact. If you want to reach both big and small subreddits, you should make content that fits the interests and tastes of each community.

Talk to new people on Reddit

One of the hardest things about Reddit is getting your posts and comments seen. Even if you have great content, it might not be seen because it gets buried under other content.

If you want to be more successful, you should focus on posts that are new or rising because more people are likely to see them. If you can guess what will be popular early on, you can get the most attention with the least amount of competition.

What Is Karma on Reddit?

reddit karma
Karma on Reddit Posts

Karma on Reddit is a user’s reputation and how active they are in the community. It is calculated by subtracting their downvotes from their upvotes. People who have high karma scores are thought to be more knowledgeable and reliable, while people who have low scores might be thought to be bots, spammers, or trolls.

A user’s total Karma on Reddit score is made up of both Post Karma and Comment Karma, so it’s best to work on both for the most impact. You can also stay active on Reddit and boost your karma with automation tools. Eventually, this could help you start a subreddit and join private communities.

karma reddit comment
Karma on Reddit Posts Comments

Post Karma and Comment Karma are the points you get for posting and commenting. Together, they make up karma points. Here are all the ways that Karma on Reddit points are given to you and how they are calculated.

  • Karma from votes: If someone votes for your post or comment, you’ll get Karma points.
  • Karma from downvotes: You will lose Karma points every time someone votes down your post or comment.
  • Awards: You will get points based on the Karma on Reddit value of the award whenever you give or receive one.
total reddit karma
Total Reddit Karma

It’s not clear from Reddit how the system works, and an upvote or downvote doesn’t always equal one Karma point. Try to get more upvotes, though, and your chances of getting Karma points will go up.

Now that you know what Karma on Reddit is, here are some ways you can use it to add points to your account.

System of Karma on Reddit: How It Works?

Karma points show how much the community appreciates what you’ve done. While no one knows the exact math behind these points or whether they have any effect on where your profile ranks on the platform, they are there.

But some Redditors get millions of karma points for always helping other people find answers.


First, when you sign up for an account, you’ll get one reward point. As you do things that are good for your Karma on Reddit, you’ll slowly start to get more points. For example, if someone votes for your comment one time, you’ll get one karma point. But getting 10,000 comments won’t give you 10,000 karma points. This is where the metric gets tricky.

The person who made Reddit did it that way to stop spammers. People often make channels outside of Reddit with thousands of members where they tell each other to vote up someone else’s post. To get karma points, don’t worry about the math. Instead, help people on the channel.

What are the Benefits of having High Karma on Reddit?

It can be helpful to learn how to get karma on Reddit. This is especially important if you want to use the app more. Also, having a lot of good karma gives you access to special features that most regular users can’t get to. These are some of them:

  1. A Good Reputation

To begin, having a lot of karma points on Reddit is a good thing because it gives you credibility. People and the app know you’re a good and knowledgeable user if you have a lot of karma. You don’t post spam, and most people in the community think you’re nice and helpful.

Yes, this isn’t the best way to figure out what kind of person someone is online. Someone can be a nice user while still doing bad things in the app. People could also delete their Reddit history to keep other users from seeing that side of them. However, it is a surefire way to gain a lot of respect in communities.

  1. Putting up without permission

In some subreddits and communities, people are naturally more likely to post. Like, the whole point of some subreddits like r/AskReddit is to give strangers a place to ask random questions. In some communities, people don’t have to post questions. Instead, they can post memes or hot takes.

On the other hand, some communities don’t require users to be approved before they can post, while others do. Posts in these subreddits can only be seen by people who have been approved by a moderator. A lot of good karma, on the other hand, will let you post in some subreddits without being approved first.

  1. Making your subreddits

The only thing that makes Reddit different is that not anyone can make any kind of subreddit. That would mean that the app would be too big to have any useful communities. It uses the karma system to decide if someone can make a subreddit because of this. You won’t be able to make one without a certain amount of good karma.

  1. Get into subreddits that are only for you

Would you like to join more exclusive clubs like r/CenturyClub? So, you might want to earn some good vibes first before you join. That’s because some communities are so shut down that all of their users have to meet a karma requirement. In this case, people with at least 100,000 karma points can only join r/CenturyClub.

You might want to delete your Reddit account and start over if you have too much bad karma. To make things easier for yourself, you should start over instead of trying to fix all the bad karma on your account.

  1. Marketing on Reddit

Finally, you’ll need a high positive karma rating if you want to market on Reddit. This will make sure you can use the other great features of the app that we just listed. It’s also the only way to post a lot of links in a lot of different subreddits without any problems. Also, it’s a great way to show possible clients that you’re a good user who doesn’t mean any harm.

How does Reddit figure out your Karma?

Karma on Reddit

The number of upvotes and downvotes you get for each post or comment you make affects your karma. Votes that are positive for you raise your karma, while votes that are negative lower it. It’s important to note, though, that the ratio isn’t 1:1, which means that one upvote doesn’t equal one good karma. In the same way, one downvote doesn’t give you one bad karma.

Reddit isn’t very clear about the formula they use to figure out karma, which is a shame. No matter what, having good or bad karma has both pros and cons.

How to Check Your Karma on Reddit

You may be wondering how to even keep track of karma now that you know how to get it on Reddit. Luckily, the app makes it easy for users to see where they stand in the app. To do this,

Just click on your Reddit title and account. When you click “Profile” again, you’ll see a number that tells you how much Karma you have earned so far.

How Much Karma You can Get on Reddit?

A long time ago, anything over a million would have been thought of as having high karma. New Reddit leaderboards, on the other hand, now show people with over 40 million karma. You can earn as much Reddit karma as you want, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon.


Even though many Redditors consider Karma on Reddit to be “fake internet points,” users who are aware of its value still put in the effort to accumulate thousands. By proceeding through Reddit in the manner outlined above, you will quickly accumulate Karma points.

However, don’t get so distracted by the numbers that you forget to assist people who have posted questions. Learn how to navigate Reddit more quickly and proficiently to make your karma-hunting experience more enjoyable.

As such, having Karma on Reddit is not required to use the site, but it is highly recommended. At first, practice patience, and resist the urge to become disheartened. The process of amassing karma takes a significant amount of time, but it is a task that becomes simpler once you have an understanding of what can be accomplished with Reddit Karma and how to acquire Karma on Reddit.


  • What is the fastest way to get Karma on Reddit?

    Reddit’s fastest way to get Karma is to comment on new posts, write text posts that people will love, and give awards to really great posts.

  • How much Karma on Reddit do I get when I vote up?

    Reddit gives you one karma point for every vote you give. More karma points mean more praise, but fewer karma points mean less praise. This is how Reddit stops people from spamming.

  • How do I get karma for my Reddit comments?

    To get comment karma on Reddit, you should post comments that make people think. Ensure your comment follows Reddit’s rules so you don’t get “shadow-banned.”

  • Should you ask Reddit users to vote for you?

    Don’t do that, please. There are times when people do this, like in the example I just gave, but the Reddit community doesn’t like it, and your account could even be hidden and banned!

  • Can Reddit users buy Karma?

    It’s not possible to buy Karma on Reddit in a technical sense. Karma is meant to show that you are a kind and helpful person in your community. Redditors will then know they can trust you to help them in a real way. When you buy Karma on Reddit, you break this trust because the points you get are fake.

    That’s why you can’t buy Karma with Reddit’s coin or a paid membership. You should be wary of people who offer you karma points in exchange for money.

  • Are mods able to give Karma on Reddit?

    There is no special way for mods to give Karma on Reddit. Mods also contribute Karma when they like or dislike a post, just like regular Redditors.

  • How do I join an upvote group on Reddit?

    There aren’t any hard and fast rules against any subreddit, but joining one that was made to spam upvotes for its members could hurt your profile.

  • Will you lose Karma on Reddit if you don’t post anything?

    Oh no, you won’t lose Karma on Reddit for not doing anything.

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