Best Secure and Private Browsers

best privacy browser

Browser is the first thing you need to secure if you are serious about privacy because a browser knows more about you than you think, a browser can easily track your online behaviour, websites you visit, search queries you use and on what website you spent your most time. On … Read more

Pandemic Movies on Netflix You Should Watch Now

pandemic movies on Netflix

Right now the whole world is under lockdown due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), people are working from home and some people are feeling bored as they don’t have something to do. Here are some great movies on Pandemic available on Netflix you can watch to get the true sense of how … Read more

35+ Google Search Tricks You Need to Know

Google logo

Google Search Engine is among the biggest in the market compared to Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines. Chances of you are reading this post is because you found this post on Google while typing Cool Google Search Tricks or similar search queries. While Google provides all the results … Read more

10 Best Torrent Sites 2020 [Updated]

Finding the best torrent sites is challenging as you go through a lot of ads, dummy, and fake websites. We have checked and verified each site so you don’t have to. We have also included proxy sites if the main sites is not working you can try proxy torrent sites.If … Read more