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Pixel phones are the pure Android phones you can get in the market and they are known for that, software of Pixel phones make Pixel phones fast and responsive and free from bloatware.

Pixel 5 is launched in simple event but has everything that a flagship needs, only thing is missing is X factor that makes it stand out in the list of flagship phones.

Pixel 5 is powered with SnapDragon 765G it’s not a process you expected from a flagship phone (at least 800 series) but experts say it’s a good processor for considering a 4080mAh battery.

You can expect better photos from Google Camera app that comes with Pixel phones, the camera of Pixel is good but other phones are catching up pretty closely.

Here are all the wallpapers of Pixel 5 has, Google this year gone with pretty colorful wallpapers like always but thease wallpaper may not be for everyone’s taste.


Note: Wallpapers shown here are just for a preview, for a high-quality version scroll down and download it from the link below.

Pixel 5 Wallpapers Preview

Download Google Pixel 5 Wallpapers

You have two options download and extract wallpapers from the zip file and apply and do it all yourself or download the Crisply wallpapers app and access all the stock wallpapers in one app and all latest wallpapers too.

After downloading the wallpaper zip file extract the wallpaper and start using it. If you find a broken link do let us know we will update it.

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