Top 10 Best Torrent Sites In 2024 [Working]

Finding the best torrent sites is challenging as you go through a lot of ads, dummies, and fake websites. We have checked and verified each site so you don’t have to. We have also included proxy sites if the main sites are not working you can try proxy torrent sites. If you are here you must already know what torrent is and how it works.

But here is a short explanation to get back to the basics

Torrent sites are often the subject of heated debates. Some people think they are the best thing since sliced bread, while others think they are the evilest thing in the world. Some people think they’re legal, while others think they’re illegal.
So, what’s the deal?

Let’s take a look at how torrents work and then take a look at some popular torrent sites.

Torrent enables us to share any file without relying on a single server by distributing the file into multiple parts among users then we download the file using any torrent client which downloads the part of the files from different users and combines it in a single file.


Whenever any file is uploaded to a torrent network it gets divided into multiple parts and people start downloading the file as soon as a few people completely download the file owner can stop seeding and now the people who have downloaded the file can upload parts of the file to new users who wants to download the file and it keeps going.

People who download the file are called leechers and people who upload the parts of file which they have already downloaded are seeders. As long as someone is uploading or seeding the file you can download the file.

Ways to Download Torrent

To download a file you need to have any software or application like uTorrent or BitTorrent but you download the torrent without any software inside with the only browser. Want to know different ways of online torrent downloading? Read Download torrent in your browser without any client

Let’s get back to the best torrent sites 2023


Most of the sites will contain ads so be sure to be cautious and to save your identity always use any trusted VPN or just create your own vpn

The Pirate Bay – Best Torrent Site Overall

the pirate bay torrent

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites with torrents of almost all categories and a huge database of torrents.

When you search for any torrent you can also see an indicator VIP or Verified depending upon the status. VIP status means the chances of it being fake are less likely.

There are a lot of proxy sites if for some reason one version is not working you can try another one. A list of Proxy Sites of The Pirate Bay can be found below.

Visit The Pirate BayPirate Bay Proxy Sites List

1337x – Best Torrent Search Options

1337x torrent website

1337x is gaining a lot of popularity among torrent users. The user interface looks much better than most top torrent sites. You will find torrents become available much more quickly here.

From the homepage, you can check popular torrents in each category with total size, seeder, leechers and uploader name.

There is a wide range of categories and their database is increasing day by day. The chances of getting fake torrents are much less as with most searches.

Visit 1337x | Proxy Sites: 1337x Proxy Sites List

RARBG – Best for New Content

rarbg torrent website

RARBG is more focused on movies, tv shows, and video content. You can find all the other content as well.

In the movies, and series you can also see different ratings like IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes and details about the show more accurately.

With each tv show or movie, you get more details which makes it best suitable for video content.

Visit RARBG | RARBG Proxy Sites

TorLock – Best for Anime and Ebooks

torlock torrent site

TorLock’s tagline says “The No Fakes Torrent Site” and that’s true as well. You can’t find fake torrents there and they have a strict policy on torrents.

As of now, they have 6,326,535 verified torrents which you can check in the footer of the website.

You will find people who are looking for Anime and Ebooks tends to visit TorLock more. As they want to have more verified torrents you might not find all the torrents quickly on the site.

Visit TorLock

YTS – Best for Classic Movies

yts-yiffy torrent site

YTS provides only movies with high quality in the smallest size. With each movie, you have different qualities available like 720P, 1080P or BlueRay.

YTS provides all the downloads provided by YIFFY which distributes the latest movies in the best quality. If you are looking for any movies then look no further than YTS torrent.


YTS is the best torrent site for movie downloads, torrents on YTS are regularly updated

There are no chances of fake downloads as all the movies are properly maintained from the latest to the old. For each listing, you can watch the trailer and the movie before downloading it. Also, the user interface is better just make sure to close all the ads tabs that get opened.

Visit YTS | YTS Proxy Sites

EZTV – Best for TV Shows

eztv torrent

EZTV torrent site is made specifically for TV shows torrents and online web series torrent downloads.

You can browse the show list to select your favourite show quickly, know the status of the show and find the torrent for that show. They also have a calendar list and countdown for the next online shows to watch.

You can easily find all your tv shows’ torrent easily using the search box.

Visit EZTV | EZTV Proxy Sites

Zooqle – Best Torrent Games Site

zooqle torrent website

With more than 4,444,143 verified torrents users love the availability of torrents across categories.

Searching for specific needs becomes easier as they have Advanced search with options to Match terms, Exclude terms, Exact match, Size range, Time indexed ago, Category, Language and Search only in files which can bring super-specific torrents for you.

Visit Zooqle | Proxy Sites

TorrentDownloads – Best for Obscure Torrents

torrentdownload torrent website

TorrentDownloads homepage is great with all the categories with popular torrents. You can also use a search bar with advanced search options to narrow down your search further.

In the sidebar, you can find the most seeded torrents, most active torrents, and most leeched torrents to quickly find what’s trending and what people are downloading.

Visit TorrentDownloads | Proxy Sites

LimeTorrents – Best Plan B


LimeTorrent is another great torrent provider in different categories.

When you browse any category or search for torrent look for the star badge which means it’s verified and you will find most of the popular torrents are verified. You can also vote for good or bad after login.

Before downloading the torrent file content section gives you a great overview of files and the size of each file.

Visit LimeTorrents | Limetorrents Proxy Sites

Torrentz2 – Torrent Search Engine

torrentz search engine

You type in your query and Torrentz will bring you torrents from dozens of search engines in one place. Finding the verified and avoiding the fake will be completely up to you.

You can get a magnet link for each torrent on the search page which is great no more time wastage.

Visit Torrentz2 | Torrentz2 Proxy Sites

Is torrenting illegal?

No, torrenting is not illegal but downloading copyrighted material is illegal.

To safeguard your privacy always use VPN as on torrent websites there will be a lot of ads.

Here are a few recommendations for VPNs to try out:

Disclaimer: We don’t support downloading any illegal and copyrighted files via torrent. Downloading Torrents is not illegal but copyrighted and piracy is not allowed by any law.


There are many more best torrent websites available for movies, music, and games but some of them are too spammy and hence excluded from the best torrent websites list. Hope you found the best torrent site for your need.

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