Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

If you are interested enough in how networks work, you should know what WireShark means. It is the most well-known and liked network analyzer. It’s too bad that it’s not available for Android. Users will have to find other programs that work like Wireshark. We’re going to share a list of the best Wireshark Alternatives for Android with you today.

You must have also looked for the best Wireshark alternatives if you want to keep an eye on traffic and look at data packets. That’s why we discussed some of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android. You can use these for free, and they’re simple to grasp.

What is Wireshark?

A lot of people use Wireshark to sniff packets. Best of all, it’s free and can be put on Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS. Your network card is put into promiscuous mode by Wireshark. This lets your computer pick up all network packets, not just the ones that are meant for it. There is a way to only use the tool for packets that are meant for your device. Hackers often use Wireshark, which is why many network administrators are wary of it.

Wireshark can record packet trails from Bluetooth, wired networks, and wireless networks. Wireshark does not gather packets by itself. Windows devices use the WinPcap program to gather packets. You need dumpcap to use Linux and Unix. And even though Wireshark isn’t directly in charge of the most powerful part of its work, its network interface makes it a winner. You can use the command line to access the system. It’s called Tshark.

Wireshark is the best tool for packet sniffers, and it can be used for free or for business. In 1998, this platform was first called Ethernal. Later, it grew into one of the most useful IT tools and was given the name Wireshark. It’s mostly used for the following things:

  • The network engineer can jump right into the network packet with Wireshark, which makes it possible to see the packets.
  • To learn how all the gadgets—desktops, cell phones, laptops, routers, and so on—talk to each other locally or globally.
  • Wireshark can cut up all the random data into different pieces by using certain filters. It does its job of picking out the important data.

Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

Here are some of the best Wireshark Alternatives for Android that can be used instead of Wireshark. You can look through the list and pick one that fits your needs and preferences.


Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android

zANTI” is the first app on our list of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android. Designed by Zimperium Inc., a company based in the US that is famous for making popular mobile security apps. It is a set of tools for penetration testing for Android. It’s surprisingly easy to keep an eye on and manage network packets and figure out how risky something is. With this app, you can do a full scan of the network to make sure it is safe. With the newest version of zANTI, you can copy different types of cyberattacks.

When you think about how many features this Wireshark alternative for Android has for being free, you might be surprised. It can be used to sniff passwords and networks, take over HTTP sessions, look for security holes and take advantage of them, take advantage of routers, and more. Because of its flexibility, zANTI can find weak spots in a network and suggest fixes. You can also use Metasploit, do a Man-in-the-Middle attack, and crack passwords.

This Wireshark alternative for Android is for people who want a full set of tools for penetration testing and an easy way to keep an eye on the data coming in and going out. Your phone needs to be “rooted” to use this app.


image 33

Netcut is a popular network management tool that lets you control and make decisions about who can access your network. Netcut was made by and is mostly used to manage how devices connect in a local area network (LAN). The tool lets users find and change network connections, so it’s like having your network administrator.


Netcut uses the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) to find all the devices on the same LAN and make a list of them. Then, users can choose to stop or limit certain devices’ access to the network, which will disconnect them from the network. This feature can help network administrators control bandwidth and decide which resources are most important.

Netcut can help you manage your network, but it’s important to keep in mind that using it can sometimes put your security at risk. When Netcut is used without permission or maliciously, it can stop the network from connecting and put users’ privacy at risk. Because of this, it is important to use these tools in a way that is responsible and follows the law and morals.

Packet Capture

Wireshark alternatives for Android

Packet Capture is another one of Wireshark’s alternatives for Android that does exactly what its name says: it grabs data packets as they travel across a computer network. It was made by Grey Shirts, a company known for making security-related apps. When it comes to Android, Packet Capture is one of the best Wireshark alternatives for Android. It is an application that sniffs network traffic and decrypts SSL traffic. This app is used to keep track of and manage data packets. You can get Packet Capture from the Google Play Store. It’s a powerful debugging tool.

It can decrypt SSL using the MITM method, show data packets in hex or text, and do other things. Even better, this app doesn’t need root access, which makes it an even better choice. It’s easy to use because the UI is simple. To use this Wireshark alternative for Android, you don’t need to know a lot about how networks and phones work. Check out this Wireshark alternative for Android if you want a simple one that will protect your device and keep an eye on data transfers.

Debug Proxy

Wireshark alternatives for Android

Debug Proxy is a network traffic monitor that lets you record and capture data packets coming in and going out of your network applications. This app, unlike zANTI and cSploit, is only meant to view and change the traffic that goes through your network and proxy. You can get and use Debug proxy for free. Debug Proxy lets you keep an eye on HTTP and HTTPS traffic, see what’s being sent, decrypt SSL traffic, test security with an MITM attack vulnerability test, and see how much data is being used in real-time.

The server that watches the traffic through the proxy is either an HTTP or HTTPS proxy server. To use this app, you don’t need to “root” your device. You can get Debug Proxy from the link below, and to set up Android Proxy, just follow the steps in that link.

You can download Debug Proxy also from apkpure

cSploit (No Longer Maintained)

image 36

cSploit is one of the most advanced sets of security tools for Android. You need to be able to root your Android device to run cSploit. This Wireshark alternative for Android has some useful features that will help keep your phone safe. If you know how to use Metasploit on your PC, you will be good at cSploit as well. This is because it combines different Metasploit frameworks that help you find security holes.

With cSploit’s many features, we can find security holes, find exploits and patches for these holes, keep an eye on local networks, list local hosts, launch many attacks, and more. You can also break wifi passwords and set up backdoors to get in later if you know how. Remote Procedure Call Daemon (RPCd) is a Metasploit framework that is used in this Wireshark alternative for Android to look for security holes and take control of compromised targets. This is the right Wireshark alternative for Android for you if you want one that can do a lot of important things.

Points to Remember

  • Wireshark is the most well-known network analysis protocol; it has a lot of features and works with many protocols.
  • Businesses, schools, government agencies, and non-profits all use Wireshark to keep track of the data that moves through their networks.
  • Wireshark is easy to use and has a lot of features, but many other programs might work better.
  • These other options might do the same range of things. but can do some of the same things that Wireshark can.

Switch from Wireshark

Check out these Wireshark alternatives for Android even if you are happy with it. You might find that one of them has features you need but only Wireshark doesn’t have them. You shouldn’t just use the first tool you hear about; you should always look into other options. There are better tools out there, but Wireshark is one of the best. If you want to use a Packet Capture for certain tasks and your company has rules that you have to follow, one of these tools might work better for you than Wireshark.

A packet capture might help. Do you often use Wireshark? How do you use it? Do you like a Packet Capture that we didn’t list? Now try them!


We looked at a few Wireshark alternatives for Android devices in 2023 in this article. These alternatives offer a range of features and functions that can be used for network analysis. The options listed above can help you reach your goals, whether you need to capture packets in real-time, analyze them offline, or do full network diagnostics.

As technology keeps getting better, there are now a lot more powerful network analysis tools for Android devices. These Wireshark alternatives for Android give users more control over their network security, help them understand network traffic, and fix problems. Remember to pick the option that fits your needs the best, taking into account things like device compatibility, functionality, and how easy it is to use.

With the help of Wireshark alternatives for Android, you can open up new ways to analyze networks and stay on top of monitoring and fixing problems in networks. Take advantage of the wide range of tools that are out there and let your Android device help you with your network analysis.


  • Does Wireshark look for security holes?

    A vulnerability scanner looks through a device or network for known security holes, like open ports. Wireshark is a tool for capturing packets. Wireshark is not a vulnerability scanner because of this.

  • Can Wireshark scan ports well?

    Packets are caught by Wireshark as they move through a network. A device that scans ports is sent test packets to find out which ports are open. Wireshark can only listen for packets and not send them, so it can’t be used to scan ports.

  • Can I use these apps to fix problems with my network?

    Yes, these apps can help you figure out what’s wrong with your Android device’s network and fix it. They let users look at network traffic, find problems, and improve performance.

  • Are there worries about safety when using these apps?

    When you use packet capture tools, you should always think about security. Make sure you have the right permissions to record network data and be smart about how you use these tools to keep your privacy and safety safe.

  • In what ways do these other programs compare to Wireshark?

    Wireshark is a full-featured network protocol analyzer for desktop computers. For Android users, there are lighter Wireshark alternatives for Android that still offer basic packet capture features. Compared to Wireshark, they might not have as many advanced features or support for as many protocols.

  • Can I use Wireshark on my Android phone?

    No, you can’t get Wireshark for Android. You can, however, use Wireshark alternatives for Android that are made to work on mobile devices.

  • Would these other options work just as well as Wireshark?

    Even though Wireshark alternatives for Android might not have as many features, they are good enough for basic network troubleshooting and analysis on Android devices.

  • Are these apps good for people who aren’t tech-savvy?

    Some apps, like Packet Capture, have easy-to-use interfaces that even non-technical users can understand. However, understanding how networking works helps make it work well.

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