10 Discord Bots You Should Use In Your Server In 2024

Discord is very popular among the gaming community to interact and chat while playing games. Discord bots help in managing the server and provide some additional features.

Most of the discord bots are free to use with amazing features which can help you scale your servers efficiently by keeping the spam low and more focused on engagement.

GAwesome Bot

You must be looking for a bot to increase activity in your discord server then this GAwesome bot can help you with this. This bot provides a lot of in-chat tools like polls, trivia games, giveaways, dictionaries, todo lists, convert units, weather + time.

GAwesome bot can help you stay in control of your server but kicking or banning the members based on your settings to keep the spam low and reward GAwesome points to good members.

You can look for Youtube videos, Google search results, create memes and search GIFs or images all within the server with this awesome bot.


It’s free and open source. You can build custom extensions using javascript for your needs and even share them with others.

Add GAwesome Bot to Your Server


Name looks confusing? It stands for Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot

Because there are tons of bots which do a lot of things and this bot does those things neatly and efficiently.

You can get Reddit and Youtube feeds on your server within a few minutes so every new post can be a part of the new discussion on your server.


Auto moderator provides the option to setup multiple rules and when to take action if a member violated a number of rules within a certain time.

You can have automated responses for basic questions by custom commands when it detects a message starts with or contains regex pattern matches to take action which you can define.

All the general features like server stats, role management and also cat facts are available with this discord bot.

Add YAGPDB to your server


Tatsumaki bot is the greatest bot for creating a levelling system (reputation system) inside the Discord server to give your most active and engaging user little recognition. Tatsumaki is not just about levelling system it gives you full control over things like welcoming users on join, using RSS feed to share content in different channels after filtering, letting users vote on a voting post created by you, create reminders.

Tatsumaki bot

There are lots of features available that will help users to have a fun time like flipping a coin, rolling dice, and playing rock, paper, and scissors.

Add Tatsumaki to your server

Dyno Bot

Your discord server management becomes a lot easier with Dyno bot. It provides a feature-rich dashboard with stats about your server.

Dyno bot can become a DJ for your discord server to play music from a different playlist and provides DJ as a role for members.

Moderation features with mod logs, ban or kick on rules breaking, and stop the spam if someone is trying to flood with messages. Assign roles automatically, custom commands for more flexibility in taking action, provide ranks to the member to keep the server engaging, announcements, reminders and many more features.

Add Dyno Bot to your server.


Servers with thousands of users are hard to manage and even harder to keep them engaged, MEE6 gives you the ability to give XP to users based on their activity. Users can level up by interacting with other users, MEE6 can also give users roles based on users’ level to make your server spam free.

You can create rules to automatically ban, and kick users who don’t follow them, MEE6 also provides you with the option to alert your server whenever new content is available from specific users on YouTube, Twitch or Reddit to let them know first.

Some of the features are behind a subscription-like level-up card customization, a leaderboard banner, and playing music. By becoming a paid user of MEE6 you support the development of the bot.

Add MEE6 to your server.


gamestats csgo

Game Stats of CSGO via Bot

GameStats is another great discord to check and share your game stats with your discord community. GameStats is a perfect bot for Discord groups where lots of gamers are present. This is a must-have discord bot for gamers and streamers by using this bot you can get stats about your plays easily within discord.

You can show off your game stats right in the Discord chat for this add a GameStats bot to the server and connect your game profile to be able to fetch your game stats and after that, you can show your GameStats with simple commands anytime.

gamestats siege

For a list of games supported by this great discord bot visit commands page of GameStats.


Add GameStats to your server.

Typical Bot

Typical bot is not a typical bot, you can use the typical bot to have fun by getting a joke, quote or rolling dice or searching and playing music on the server, Typical bot also helps you moderate your server ( ban, kick, announce, ignore or warn) when needed.

Typical Discord Bot

These commands are just the tip of the iceberg head to the settings of the bot and customize it to control every aspect of your server, creates rules for new users, automatic role, and nickname assigned to new users & bots for a full list of features and command visit typical bots documentation page.

Add Typical Bot to your server.


As the name suggests Trivia Bot is a Trivia bot that has over 3000+ categorised questions on games you can answer, questions are day by day increased with the help of community contributions. While most of the questions are related to the game but you will find trivia questions from other fields also.

Trivia discord bot

The Code of Trivia bot is open-sourced so you can follow easy-to-use install instructions to host your own trivia bot or contribute to making it even better.

Add TriviaBot to your server.


Guilded is a dedicated bot for gamers who are looking for scrims, game stats, groups & teams to join. You can find new players who play the same game you like with similar skills.

Most gamers use discord as their primary source of voice communication, Guilded makes it more convenient for gamers to see their game stats and team recruitment right in Discord. Guilded supports more than 200 games including all major games you might be playing right now.

You can Explore players here.

Add Guilded to your server.


Probably the best discord bot for music bots as per the community, Rythm gives you full access to bots settings so you customize from command prefixes, song announcement, duplicate song prevention and many more. You can run multiple instances of the Rythm Music bot in a server to give different groups a space to listen to what they want.

rythm add playlist

How to Add Playlist in RYTHM Bot

rythm lyrics search

Lyrics Shown via RYTHM Bot

Here are some useful commands of Rythm you definitely going to like
>loopqueue – Loops over the queued songs
or use
>loop – To loop the currently playing a song
>lyrics –  Get the lyrics of the currently playing song or pass the name with a command for any other songs lyrics
>playskip – Add a song to the top of the list and skip to it
>shuffle – Shuffle the queued songs

Rythm has lot more to offer to join the support server to try it out before using on your server.

Add RYTHM bot to your server.

Jockie Music (Music Bot)

Jockie is a great bot for music lovers, you can play music from multiple sources you can just pass the playlist URL with a play command or song name Jockie will find and play that song for you.

jockie music discord bot

In a single server up to 4 different voice channels can have their own instance of Jockie Music running, so everyone can enjoy their favourite songs without disturbing others.

Add Jockie Music to your server.


This is really great for gamers who use steam a lot, you can easily get information from steam without going on other websites or opening steam all within your server.

Add Steam Bot to your server.


Bonus: Popular Discord bots

FAQ About Discord Bots

How to Add Discord Bots

Adding discord bit it server is quite easy just use the bots add to server link to authorize the bot to read the required info from your server. After that admin of the server can control the settings of the bot.

Best Discord Bots

Deciding the best Discord bot for everyone is not possible because the best Discord bot is based on your need and what a Discord bot offers as features to fulfil your need. A balance between requirement and features make a Discord bot the best.

How to control the bots

Main admin controls of the Discord bot are always given to the server admin, every bot gives some sort of settings to control the behaviour of the bot. Always check bots’ documentation and commands to know how to access it.

How to find new bots

Now plenty of websites now host a list of best discord bots and newly created bots, you can also find bots from the Discords community like on Reddit and Discord servers where other users share their best bots list.

You can also find Discord bots from google search as most of the Discord bots have their own dedicated websites.
Here are some of the Discord Bots listing websites.




How do you use discord bots?

After adding Discord bot to a server using them is easy, the only thing you need to know is the commands list of Bot and prefix characters that you find from bots documentation.

After that just use the commands in the text channel from where the bot is allowed to read messages.

Like usually people give Discord Music bot permission to only access commands from #music text channels.

Are discord bots free?

Most of the Discord bots are free with all of the features even some of the Discord bots are open-sourced.

But they need revenue to keep developing and bringing new features to their Awesome Discord Bot some of the Discord bots make some features only for premium users who subscribe to their paid plans.

Keep Reading: Reddit Discussion Thread

We recommend trying a few bots in the test server to know their efficiency over time and if they can handle everything properly then add them to your main server. Which servers are you handling right now? We would love to be part of them or maybe include those in our upcoming best discord servers article.

Looking for specific bots for your need? Ask Your Question by Joining Community 

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