Download Torrent Online without any Client

Download Torrent Online

Torrent, when we hear this word we think of downloading movies, games and software. There are tons of websites offering torrent download. There are different ways to download torrent we will explain how to download torrent online.


How does Torrent Works:

Before we start downloading the file first needs to be uploaded on the torrenting network.

It happens by uploading a file then it is converted into small pieces and you get a final Torrent file or a magnetic link which you can input in your Torrent client to start downloading the file but before that someone needs to seed that torrent.

What seeding means here is someone uploading that file which is then downloaded by someone else.

In the torrent world, most common words are Seeders and Leechers.

Seeders upload the part which they have downloaded and leechers download the part which they need from the other seeders.

If you are interested in video check The Verge’s video they explained it well.


Most Popular Torrent Clients

Here are some of the most common torrenting clients which can be used to download the files

  •  uTorrent
  •  BitTorrent

Most of the clients are available on desktop PC and your smartphones

Most important thing whenever you are downloading Torrent make sure to check the settings there will be setting about how much speed you want to give for uploading and downloading if you are limited on the data you can reduce the uploading speed but it’s not good for every time because if enough people start reducing the uploading speed it will not be idle condition for torrents to work.


How to Download Files through Torrent?

  • Through client which you need to install on your smartphone or desktop.
  • Use an online service which can download the torrent file on their server then you can download the file from their server without any uploading or any torrenting software.

Disclaimer: Before we explain how we can download Torrent through online services keep in mind using torrent is not illegal but if you use it download copyrighted material without permission then it is illegal and we don’t support doing illegal activities.

How to Download Torrent Online in Browser:

This Step is almost identical in all services, you need to follow some step to get the direct download link of your torrent file downloaded in the cloud.


Steps to Follow:

  1. First, you need to find which torrent you want to download
  2. Visit the favourite site of a choice
  3. Download the torrent file or just copy the magnet URL
  4. Paste the magnetic URL or select the torrent file you have downloaded as per below image
download torrent with seedr

Downloading will start on their server as soon as is completed you can start downloading the file by clicking on the download icon or copy the download link by right-clicking

If you need to download only one particular file you can do that by navigating through the folder if there is any.

Why it’s fast

  • No waiting of good number of seeders
  • This way you will get the maximum speed from their server while downloading
  • You don’t need to upload anything from your side
  • Downloading happens instantly on their server which means your file is saved


How to Download Torrent with IDM 

Follow the steps above till files download link is available after that just click on the Copy Download Link (as shown in the picture), options may differ based on service you used to download torrent in cloud.

download torrent IDM with seedr

Open the Internet Download Manager and Click on the add URL and paste the URL

Click OK and your downloading will be started

downloading torrent on IDM


Services You Can Use to Download Torrent Online

One of the most reliable and popular services is Seedr. Its free tier allows 2GB storage which you can upgrade if you need to download bigger files. We use it because its free and fulfils our basic need.



  • You can upgrade your 2 GB storage to 6.5 by sharing and promoting seedr,
  • Paid users can select downloading server,
  • Stream directly to your chromecast device,
  • If storage is full then link will be added to wishlist,


  • Sign up required



If you are looking for something more than a torrent downloading in cloud then offcloud is for your, offcloud only gives 3 links per month for free after that you need to pay before can continue,

paid plan starts at 9.99$ per month


  • Browser Extension available (Google Chrome, Safari, Firebox, Opera and Microsoft Edge),
  • Works with automation tool like IFTTT and Zapier,


  • Free tier includes only 3 links per month that is not enough
  • Sign up required



Some Honorable Mentions


If you are downloading any video using torrent you can directly Stream that Torrent Media in browser using any services above by creating account or by using,

webtorrent screenshot

Now you know how you can download torrent files in cloud fast without using any torrent client.

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