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  • Send Large Video Files Easily

    How to Send Large Videos Files Free

    Sending large video files was always a big problem for a person who deals with it every day like YouTubers, Content creators and producers, from time to time we also face the same issue when we have to send large videos of any personal or business trip to someone. If you try to send a […] More

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    How to Export Bookmarks From Chrome [Step By Step]

    Overtime your bookmarks keep on increasing as you discover more useful sites on the internet or bookmark your favorite one to get back easily. Bookmarks help us every single day to quickly hop between countless websites easily without the need to remember everything. Over time we have a huge amount of bookmarks in our browser. Sometimes […] More

  • Netflix Codes

    All Secret Netflix Codes

    What is Netflix Codes Netflix categorizes its shows based on different parameters. one thing is common they have assigned a numeric digit to each genre. If you need to find a particular category related all the shows by using Netflix codes it becomes much easier. Why use Netflix Codes Although Netflix tags content in multi-layered […] More

  • take ownership in windows 10

    How To Take Ownership of Folders and Files In Windows 10

    Getting full permission of files in Windows can be complex. Some method involves commands or requires additional software to be installed but it can be done in an easier way. If you need to access system-level files and folders Windows will not allow you to do that for security reasons. Sometimes you also need to […] More

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    How to Create Your Own VPN Server Using Outline

    Privacy is becoming a number one concern for everyone. While there are way too many free VPN available in the market which claims to be providing privacy to you but they itself use your data to target ads or provide that information to third-party services to keep running there services for free. When the service […] More

  • Reverse image search

    How To Reverse Image Search – on Desktop & Mobile

    How many time it happens you found an image on social media and want to know more about it but you don’t know where to check, in that case, you upload the image to search instead of typing your search query. There can be me many reasons to do a reverse image search like Get […] More

  • best username checker

    How to Check Your Username Availability Everywhere

    Getting your favourite username is a very tricky part but username checker can make it easy for you. The problem is when you have to get the exact same username on 10 different social media website and they might be a different kind of restrictions. Or maybe you have created a new website or business […] More

  • sync bookmark across browsers

    Sync Your Bookmarks Across Browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Brave)

    Keeping Bookmark in sync across browsers whether its Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave is not a easy task. If you use multiple browsers to test something or any other purpose and want your bookmarks should always be synced between them then here is how to do it. Syncing bookmarks Google Chrome to Google Chrome works […] More

  • Google Photos as Wallpaper
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    Set Google Photos as Wallpaper on Android

    Using Google Photos as wallpaper is something I was looking from quite a lot of time, like other I have also curated a collection of wallpapers I like but never found a way to change wallpaper automatically. A few months earlier I came to know about app Phuzei that works with Muzei app by using […] More

  • Download Torrent Online

    Online Torrent Downloader without any Client

    Torrent, when we hear this word we think of downloading movies, games and software. There are tons of websites offering torrent download. There are different ways to download torrent we will explain how to download torrent online. How does Torrent Works: Before we start downloading the file first needs to be uploaded on the torrenting […] More

  • How to Create Cool Custom Bullets in Microsoft Word

    How to Create Cool Custom Bullet Point in Microsoft Word

    After creating a custom bullet point you will Love it because it takes 2 minutes to customize it, Often time while working in documents you come across a situation where you need to add a different kind of icons or symbols into your documents or you need a new custom bullet point icon to make […] More

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    How To Block Spam Emails In Gmail & Tips to Prevent

    As the world is moving Digital more and more companies trying to reach everyone via Email which is causing too much of email spam. You can not prevent yourself from getting spam emails but you can take steps to automatically filtering spam emails and important emails in your inbox either it’s your personal Gmail account […] More