Best Android Homescreen Setups

Android is known for it’s customizibility you can customize almost every aspect of an Android like icons, wallpapers, navigation buttons, notification bar, app launchers you name it.

Android homescreen setups are set of customizations done to get an unique look and feel, that can be based on any theme like just black (amoled) setup, Outrun setup, Black and White setup or Minimilist setup, if you can think of it you can make a homescreen that way.

These setups all ready done by amazing community at reddit and on other social media platforms, where community has shared their custom android homescreen setups with everyone, you can use them to get the same look and feel on your device.

Few apps you need to install based on the setup you choose from because setups sometimes have special functionality and unique layouts these can be launchers, widgets or navigation bar so don’t forget to check android customization apps for the full list.

Android Home Screen Setups

Casio setup


Credit: u/InspirationFailure

No Icons No Wallpaper KLWP Setup File


Credit: u/GT-8000

Few Material and Fontawesome Icons No Wallpaper KLWP Setup File
Maxed Out

Maxed Out

Credit: u/proAK561

No Icons No Wallpaper KLWP Setup File


Animations on this setup is eye catching

Credit: u/i_have_an_account



Nova launcher is used in this setup. Use widget overlap option to place widget at right place

Credit: u/CrazyRexWaffle

fing wallpaper

F*king Wallpaper

Whing wallpaper is named like that you will see when you check the original explicit version of setup.

Credit: u/digmotmag

windows x edition

Windows X

Nova launcher is used on Phone which has aspect ratio of 18:9, Some icons will need someadjustment.

Credit: u/DrDisagree

yellow mountain

Yellow Mountain

If you prefer same setup in red, blue, green or orange you can make that happen just look for icon pack you like by same developer.

Credit: u/IamRed1999



Nova launcher is used to made this awesome setup, with KWGT file novabackup also included.
Music widget is made from Foxie for KWGT.

Credit: u/ChiipmunkRaage



3 KWGT widgets with wallpaper in Google Drive,

Credit: u/CobaltPink


Guardians of the Galaxy

1 Custom made Music widget link below, Dot next to time is to change the auto wallpaper, so download the app if you want this functionality.

Credit: u/ayamsk99

Note: Some links overtime may go broken when you see a broken link let me know I will update that for you.
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