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Instagram’s save option is great for storing content for later sharing with friends and family. However, the same cannot be done with Instagram stories without the help of a special app. You’ll need an Instagram Story Viewer Tool to watch Instagram Stories without drawing attention to yourself if you want to do anything from saving funny memes to secretly stalking your sweetheart😉.

Don’t worry, however; I’ve done the research and found the top Instagram story watchers of 2023. So, let’s not waste any more time and check it out!

Instagram is now among the most widely used social networking sites worldwide. Instagram’s “story” function debuted a few years ago, following in the footsteps of Snapchat. There are now over 500 million daily users of Instagram Stories. And of them, 70% say they often check Instagram stories.

Although Instagram Stories may be seen inside the app itself, many users choose to utilize external tools. This is because Instagram includes your username under the “seen by #” section. Instagram story watchers allow users to see stories without revealing their identity.

What is Instagram Story Viewer Tool?

Seeing a list of who has seen your Instagram Stories is a powerful feature. Marketers and companies who depend on Instagram interaction must adhere to this Instagram Story Viewer Tool.


The ranking of the Instagram Story Viewer Tool reveals the audience’s level of interest. The ranking of the Instagram Story Viewer Tool might guide your efforts toward strengthening the most beneficial connections. Marketers may get useful information on how to optimize Instagram for conversions from the sequence in which people watch Instagram Stories.

Features of Instagram Story Viewer Tool

  1. Geolocation and Location Hashtags: Growing your audience organically and fostering more conversation with them is a simple method to enhance engagement. Your content’s engagement rate will improve as more individuals are exposed to it. Having the correct audience see your Stories is crucial if you want to increase engagement, which is the degree to which users interact with your material. 
  2. Create a Poll for your Story: It’s human instinct to keep things in the spotlight, so it’s not surprising that 80 per cent of social media postings are about the users’ own opinions and beliefs. People nowadays aren’t afraid to voice their ideas online and they like hearing the perspectives of others. Because of the Instagram Story Viewer Tool, the poll sticker, which is a single-question poll for Stories, is a fantastic method to get people talking and encourage interaction.
  3. Add a Quiz Sticker: Using the quiz sticker may increase interaction with your business since people like taking quizzes to learn about and challenge themselves.  You may ask a question and provide multiple-choice (2-4) alternatives on this sticker. After users cast their votes, the “right” answer will be highlighted green to let them know how they did. 
  4. Ask your audience a Question: Having a large fan base doesn’t need constant communication with prospective buyers. After catching the attention of your intended audience, it is crucial to allay their fears and address their concerns. As potential customers learn more about your business and its offerings, the discovery phase is a crucial stage in the customer lifecycle. 
  5. Make things fun with an Emoji Slider: Instagram introduced the emoji slider for Instagram Stories in 2018. You may now ask your followers more nuanced questions by just moving the emoji to the left or right to indicate your preference. Users are more likely to become involved in the voting process as a result of the emoji’s emotional connotation. 

Best Instagram Story Viewer Tool

The best Instagram Story Viewer Tool are as follow:

Blind Story

image 23

Blind Story is an easy-to-use Instagram Story Viewer Tool that comes first. It’s simple to set up. Simply sign up using your Instagram credentials. Once tab of the Instagram app itself.

You may see any story by tapping on it here while being completely anonymous. You may also add an Instagram user to your Favorites list. This will add the account’s Instagram stories to the Favorites feed whenever they are published. A handy Instagram Story Viewer Tool for making sure you don’t lose track of your favourite Instagram profiles.


  • The free edition allows you to read up to 15 stories each day
  • Having a Favorites tab is a nice plus.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android


  • The app sometimes has bugs that hinder the loading of articles.

Install: Android, iOS



Instagram Story Viewer Tool

This is a good place to start if you don’t like the idea of getting and logging in to an app. If you want to see Instagram stories without being tracked, InstaNavigation is a pretty cool Instagram Story Viewer Tool. Not like other apps, it stands out because it gives data to Instagram users. A public Instagram account also lets you see its tales, likes, and features.

Yes, you can also get them. You can also see the most recent comments on these posts. The blog part of InstaNavigation was something else we liked about it. Some of the articles here might be useful if you’re looking for something on a similar subject.


  • Gives short stats on Instagram handles.
  • It’s completely free to use and has no restrictions of any kind.
  • Website that works well.


  • Only for public accounts.

Install: Free


image 26

Glassagram is an updated internet spying app. The product is designed to let users see any Instagram account’s stories incognito.

All profiles, including those in “private,” will be accessible to you. You may view all of your followers’ responses, send and receive direct messages, watch someone’s story in private, and much more.

Glassagram is a surveillance app that may reveal a person’s favourite things on social media. Regular snapshot updates ensure that no time-sensitive data is lost. This malware has the potential to become a very useful aid for monitoring Instagram accounts.


  • Viewing content in the “Hidden Mode.”
  • The ability to view deleted messages directly.
  • Cross-content tracking interaction.
  • Keep an eye on Instagram videos.


  • Limited to public accounts

Install: Android, iOS


image 25

Ghostify is a flexible software that allows you to see Instagram stories without being identified. This app’s adaptability stems in part from its availability as a Chrome add-on. But of course, that’s not the only explanation.

The app’s ease of use is its strongest selling point. To access Instagram without being identified, press the toggle switch at the very top. Other than that, it’s the same as visiting Instagram in private mode. Given its flexibility and user-friendliness, it’s impossible to argue against its status as a top Instagram Story Viewer Tool. However, the 1-day free trial period is insufficient for exploring all of its capabilities.


  • The specialized software is quick and effective
  • Can read up to 15 articles without revealing your identity during the trial
  • Includes a browser plug-in as well


  • Just 1-day free trial

Install: Android, Free


image 27

SmiHub’s pristine user interface is the first thing that strikes you as remarkable. It’s uncluttered and simple, making it easy for users to get down to work. A blank text box prompting you to enter a username appears immediately.

After entering a username into the online service, you will be granted instant access to that account. From now on, you’ll be able to browse articles, do any kind of search, and download files without revealing your true identity.

You may examine a user’s likes, comments, and number of followers using this Instagram Story Viewer Tool.


  • Discreetly peruse Instagram profiles
  • Examine Accounts
  • Photos and videos may be downloaded from the provided websites. 
  • Followers, comments, and favourites may all be analyzed.


  • Requires a premium plan to watch and download stories anonymously

Install: Free


image 28

You can use Qoob Stories to watch Instagram stories on both public and private accounts. This Instagram Story Viewer Tool can easily download all of the stories, photos, and videos in your Instagram feed.

To get into a certain page without being seen, Qoob Stories needs the nickname. This website can automatically save the files that you receive. To use the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer Tool, enter the link to your Instagram account. This will start getting material from the account you want to the device right away.


  • Anything on any Instagram account can be downloaded by Qoob Stories.
  • It’s easy to use and has a clear layout.
  • With the automatic content download, it’s pretty easy to get material.
  • For a fee, it offers more powerful Instagram Story Viewer Tool.


  • To get to more functions, you have to pay for it.

Install: Free

Stories IG App

image 29

There have been many excellent Instagram Story Viewer Tool, and Stories IG is just the latest. An input field asking for the username of the account you want to access appears immediately. Inputting the username into the online Instagram Story Viewer Tool will enable you to see anything public on that account while remaining anonymous.

It’s uncluttered and uncomplicated in design. This program allows you to see and download any Instagram material, including stories, images, videos, and more. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, you may also publish the tales you record here on other social networking sites. 


  • User Interface Simplicity
  • Classifying narratives is a breeze.


  • Not available for iOS

Install: Free



image 30

Instastories are a lot of fun because of how easy it is to use. A username is all that’s needed to see any public Instagram account. There is no need for signup or an account. With a verified login and this online service, you may quickly and easily access any public account you choose.

Without the account holder knowing, you may browse their news feed, highlights, images, and videos. In addition, you may get a high-quality download of this material. Despite its aesthetic appeal, some users may find the interface confusing.

The space where a user’s name should go was buried by so much fluff that we had a hard time finding it. However, after we discovered where to enter our wording, we had no more complaints. 


  • Totally concealed viewing of articles, media, and features
  • No sign-up or account creation required
  • Obtain premium-quality files for download.


  • The app stops working at times

Install: Free


image 31

Another fantastic Instagram Story Viewer Tool who doesn’t need a login is Dumpor. The site is quick and fast, so you can start downloading Instagram stories in bulk right now. Dumpor also allows you to download movies and photographs from Instagram. It’s as simple as pasting the URL to the image or video.

The most popular responses to postings may also be seen. In addition, you can see how many likes and comments the profile you’re watching has received on Instagram.


  • A fast download time
  • Doesn’t Need an Account


  • Only works with visible profiles.

Install: Free


image 33

You won’t find a better story reader than StoriesDown. Without creating an account, yourself, you may explore any public Instagram profile and save any photos or videos you want to your own computer or mobile device.

Visually appealing layouts aid in understanding its contents. A text field is prominently displayed for users to enter their desired login and password. Accessing the stories, you’re interested in doesn’t need you to have an Instagram account or to sign up for something you don’t need. In addition, you may save media files without losing quality while downloading. 


  • Viewing of Anonymity in Stories
  • There is no need for signup or login.
  • Download just the best materials.
  • 100% no cost to you


  • None as such

Install: Free


There are many valid reasons why you would wish to see a user’s Instagram profile without revealing your true identity. Many people have a pressing need for a way to see Instagram Stories, whether it’s to keep tabs on the competition, learn about the influencer’s audience, or monitor their child’s account.

The aforementioned Instagram Story Viewer Tool, all serve this purpose well. They make it possible to read a narrative without revealing your identity, download videos and music in high quality, and share them online without creating an account. 

We advise using the user-friendly Qoob if you’re looking for a stealthyInstagram Story Viewer Tool that allows for the automated downloading of material. Ingramer’s profile monitoring capabilities and social media marketing tools are sufficient.

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