What Should I Watch on Netflix

Netflix is biggest paid streaming website in the world that keeps on growing year by year.

On Netflix, you will always have something new to watch daily that ranges from the biggest blockbuster movies to tv shows and don’t forget the Netflix Originals that keep coming one after another.

In short, Netflix covers all the genres you might be interested in if you want to watch all those you can see Netflix Genres code list to directly go to a specific category page.

If you maintain a list of movies and series that you want to match next then that’s good

otherwise, you will feel lost on Netflix while finding something useful to watch because Netflix will keep on suggesting the same content (that it thinks you might like) with different thumbnails you will end up watching.


Popular Movies on Netflix

Movies and series mentioned here are based on their popularity and authors discretion so don’t be mad if your favourite movie is not in the list,

These movies are the recommandation that you should not missing while on Netflix.

Note: Some movies and series are only available to specific region so don’t forget to turn on your favourite VPN if your favourite movie is not available in your region.

All Time Popular Movies on Netflix

Movies you should not miss, these are the best movies that are availble on Netflix right now.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower20128.0
Song of the Sea20148.1
To All The Boys I’ve Loved20187.1
The Platform20197.0
Real Steel20117.1
Ready Player One20187.5
Enola Holmes20206.6
The Irishman20197.9
Always Be My Maybe20196.8
I Lost My Body20197.6
I Am Mother20196.7
The Half of It20206.9
Set It Up20186.5

Netflix is paid streaming website but if you don’t have a subscription of Netflix you can still watch movies and web series for free and legally 😃 here is a list of websites to watch movies online for free.


Popular Animation Movies on Netflix

Animation movies on Netflix gives a great variety if you like animations movies, you will get sci fi, comedy and action movies all on platform.

Movie NameYearIMDb
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse20188.5
Hotel Transylvania20127.1
How to Train Your Dragon 1
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Despicable me20107.6
The Croods20137.2
Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scroll20167.1
The Princess and the Frog20097.1
Ralph Breaks the Internet20187.1
Next Gen20186.6
Puss in Boots2011

Best Biographic Movies on Netflix

Movies that are based on real life stories of person that will motivate you to do something great in life,

So don’t miss out thease movies, these are the movies you should watch on Netflix.

The Social Network20107.7
Steve Jobs20157.2
The Imitation Game20148.0
The Theory of Everything20147.7

Don’t forget to watch Movies based on Pandemic on Netflix.

I will keep this list updated, just don’t forget to share your favourite movie in comment down below.

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